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Hi Randi....

Bandannas can usually be found in Work N Gear stores (like for construction workers.....they love bandannas!)....Walmart also has a good selection of bandannas with lots of different seasonal, feminine patterns in the Women's section near the pocketbooks and hat/scarf section.......I also went thru my closet, and found many shirts I didn't wear....cut out a square of material from the back.....and, voila, instant bandanna!!

Good luck,


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The american cancer society has a catalog that has turbans, hats, bandanas, as well as breast protheses in a catalog called the TLC Co.

The bandanas are a little extra generous, they have hats that have bangs with them, and the turbans are great for sleeping. I had a velour one for church and a terry cloth one for sleeping.

The TLC catalog -- American Cancer Society.


Prayers, always,


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I found a good supply of bandanas at Michaels Craft Stores for 88 cents each. I also had good luck with hats at close out places like Ross and Tj Max. Not that I ever wore them after buying them, I am just not a hat person!! I was happier with the bandanas! Your local American Cancer Society has a selection of wigs and will give you two of them free. You just need to go in and try them on!

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I found mine in a catalog from the American Cancer Society. It is called TLC and has many choices. I liked the lovies the best...simple cotten caps...I got one of the wraps to make them look a little better. I also bought a cheap wig. The AMC has offices all over the country that actually have some free wigs. I tried there but they were all too large for me. You might want on just for special occasions.


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