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update on Mom


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Hi all

First i wish to say that im am sorry that I voiced an opinion where maybe i should have kept my mouth shut, the old addage if you dont have anything nice to say,dont say anything at all....just a brain fart, and I dont even have chemo brain. I am normally just a quite lurker more or less, and would like to chalk it up as a bad hair day if i may.

Mom has had her second "high dose" of chemo and most definelty is handle this round much better than the last. Very little nausea, just mostly the all over to her toes aching. She does seem to be having alot of middle of the back pain, and to me seems to be right where the tumor would be thru the back. This sort of worries me because 1)I would have thought the radiation and chemo would be making it go away, not cause pain and 2) is it possible to have bone mets appear during chemo? (from what I have heard No) 3) she is taking pain pills for the pain so I know it must be bad as she hates pain meds, although very small amounts and usually just once maybe 2 times a day, more the last few days because of the aching. Sometimes I think I just look for things to worry about. But usually I can get on here and find lots of people experiencing the same side effects, etc and always feel better as does she. Somehow knowing you are not the only one seems to help.

I spent the last 2 nights at her house, more or less to be there in case she needed me, but more for company, just hanging out together. She wold see me sit at the computer and come here and would ask questions, then early this morning she asked if I would put the site in her favorites (it has been there for 2 months) as she might come read some today. I think she saw that alot of people had pictures posted and that made it "real" to her. Whatever the reason, please pray that she stops in, so she can come to know the love and support here on this board. My only fear for her is, I dont think she truly realizes how serious Lung Cancer is, and the long tough battles most endure. in her mind this treatment is going to get rid of the cancer forever. I have tried my best in an easy way to prepare her that this is not always the way it works. many people have to have many different treatments and rounds of chemo. I dont want to scare her, but at the same time she must know what the battle is, I mean how can you win the war if you dont know who the enemy is?

Thank you all for always being here and listening, and hopefully I can introduce my mom soon.

God Bless us All


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I really hope that your mom will be able to come to this site for information and support. I see that she was just diagnosed in June, so it may take her a while to feel comfortable. I know it took me a while, I didn't think I could help anyone in the beginning because everything was so new to me. Boy am I glad I joined. Like you said, it helps knowing you are not alone in this fight.

I know what you mean about how she feels regarding the "outcome" of her treatment. I am the patient, but my mom is the same way as your mom. She keeps telling me that I am going to be cured. Of course then I have to be the one to tell her the reality of this disease, but I also understand that this is the way she can deal with it. Very difficult for me!

Anyway, I pray that your mom's treatments go very well and that she has shrinkage with them. Please keep us posted.


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