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Scan results

Guest JanetK

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Thankyou all so much for your resonses to my post re: Scans/possible

surgery......Your are all great!

My Drs. are a bit baffled because clinically I am doing so well ( no wheezing, coughing feeling great - improving) - But my new scans show

no change.... the disease is stable, not growing or spreading. My scans

have not changed one bit since August. So I am getting a PET scan next

because the Doc's feel it will be more conclusive. They said the tumor

might be in (spelling) necrosis, meaning what is showing up on the scan could be dead or dying tissue...........( If only) I am not getting my hopes up about this. I am continuing my current chemo regime, and have an appointment with the Thorasic Surgeon in the beginning of March.

So we'll see. My Dr's have also mentioned a clinical trail with a Radiation/Oncologist??? I meet with him next week.

Everyone Take Care and Bless you all.


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I'd been waiting to see how your scans were.

There's good news in the fact that there is no growth.

You mentioned that you'll be seeing a radiologist/oncologist, will you be starting radiation therapy? Please keep me posted, as your situation is so similar to my mother's.

Best to you,


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