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Down, but not Out

Kel M

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Hi folks,

I arrived home to visit with Mom as planned on Friday. Within a half hour or so, Mom sat me down and told me she had some stuff to tell me.

During her appointment with her oncologist earlier in the week, he had let her know that some symptoms she was having were strong indicators that her cancer was coming back (i.e. embolism; coumadin not working properly and causing internal bleeding; pneumonia; low blood pressure; blood test results). At the same time, he couldn't find a tumour on any x-rays, scans or MRIs. He was perplexed. He did leave a small window of hope open that her system could simply be out of whack after everything she's been through.

Needless to say, I felt like someone had thrown an icy cold glass of water in my face. Mom was remarkable about it. She told me she was working to get stronger so she could face another battle if she had to. Just thinking about it makes me cry. She's incredibly powerful. I don't know how I'm feeling - at times distraught, at others accepting of what will be.

We proceeded to have a good weekend, laughing like loons and working away at make work projects. When it came to bathing the most lovable family member - the dog - I couldn't keep but worrying/thinking that this might be the last time we would do it together. I'm sincerely trying to keep it together, but I'm so scared for my Mom and for my family.

I know that in the end, we will be able to deal with whatever comes our way. I continue to pray for strength and good health for Mom and indeed, for everyone. In the meantime, my appreciation for the here and now has been cemented. We really do only have today to enjoy and make the most of. So, off I go to make a difference... at the office. :wink:

Keeping each and everyone of you in my prayers,


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Sorry to hear about your talk. Blood clots and lung cancer seem to go togeter a lot. I know with NSCLC low molecular weight Heparin works better that coumadin. I had found this before. I pray that she improves and feels better soon.

http://www.thedoctorwillseeyounow.com/a ... cer/hep_4/

Donna G

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I too was hit kinda like that from my mom when we (her, me, and sisters) went on vacation in July. Mom told us then that she was getting more short of breath. We all went on with our vacation and had a great time. I hope and pray for you and your mom that it's not coming back. I'm glad though that she has seen her onocologist about her symptoms already; my mom did'nt and was having this for a month before she told anyone. I think she just didn't want to know. Mom's showed up on her lymph nodes in her chest, neck and shoulder. She had lots of shoulder pain. Remind her to get to the doctor for any little change as soon as possible. Praying for everyone.

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I'm sorry to hear that your Moms doctor gave you guys this news. I had several experiences like that with my Mom, we were told that her cancer was probably spreading by a Chief Oncologist and her cancer was actually gone. I thought what is this a guessing game???? It sure is frustrating.. the fact is like the others said no one really knows and only God can truley say how long someone has on this earth. We have to make the best of everyday. I am praying for the best for your Mom and you. Hang in there it sure is a rough rollercoaster ride. I am sending big hugs and prayers your Moms way.


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