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Donna G

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I was just watching the View and the guest was discussing this TV show ( I had never heard of) She said they liked topics that not only were entertaining but the viewer was educated by. Boy we sure do want to educate the public, women viewers would be a good audience. This is an article about the show, this one was suppose to be a women, young, who had uterine cancer.

http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr/te ... 1000593225

Any body watch this show, know how to get an idea to the writers?

This site might be interesting to them


Donna G

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I watch that show on and off.

They did a show on lung cancer, the gal who had the cancer was young, right around 30 years old.

The cancer was discovered when she was too far along to help and she died within a very short time.

I was not impressed with the way the whole subject was handled, it was mainly about the effects of smoking.

There wasn't much at all about the treatment of lung cancer since this gal was too far along. I was hoping for information on treatments but the show didn't offer any.


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I have watched this show for a few years maybe 4 yrs ago it started. I have not seen it the last 2 seasons, as I am just not a big telly person.

Where I live it comes on Lifetime and I believe it is a lifetime original oroduction. My mom watches this station alot and i have seen the previews of ot lately and even told Mom to watch it as its great. O bet if you went to lifetime.com they would tell when it airs, I am thinking Sundays,


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