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callin' all you darlin's for some experience with VATS

cindi o'h

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I am supposed to go in for an "interview" with the pulmonary surgeon tomorrow, and I want to know ahead of time what good questions to ask and what to expect so that I have an idea of what to expect...

The oncologist described something like VATS, but he was using lay terms which I have a hard time comprehending....( I look stupid, but I ain't no dummy)

So, this is going to be in the O.R. According to the onco doc, (in lay terminology) he is going to drain the pleural effusion and send the juice to pathology to be tested for cancer cells. Then he is going to put a camera in there and take a look around. But, I am thinking he is going to snip anything that looks "funny". The onco said that he was going to peek at the lymph nodes. (The hilar lymph nodes were described by the radiologist as enlarged). I think that the surgeon will wiggle his way over there and take a snip of them too...

So what do all of you think...??? I am, of course, trying to figure all of this out...

Last week, I just covered up my head when I read the radiology report. After I talked to the onc. with my 84 yo "adopted" mom at my side, I felt some sense of relief that the ball was going to get rolling....I like ACTION...

I wish I were on the operating table yesterday...this sitting around business gets me all antsy.

Blessing to you all.


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I had a VATS. They drained the fluid, took tissue samples, looked ALL around in there and then put talc in between the lung and its lining (the pleural space) to help keep the lung reinflated and to keep the fluid from re-accumulating (called plueredesis sp?). Afterwards I had a chest tube in for almost a week, was in the ICU for a couple of days and then on a regular nursing floor. I had 2 rather small incisions - 1 - 2 inches each.

Hope this helps-

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