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Treatment Delayed


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My oncologist called this morning to cancel the chemo appt. made by his substitute nurse. He was out of town when we called to get the MRI results on Mon., so was his regular nurse. The sub nurse was kind enough to give me my unofficial MRI results before the doctr saw them because she too had the very same experience of waiting for MRI brain results. She also tenatively scheduled me my first chemo appt. My oncologist called today to give me my official "empty headed results" and cancel the chemo appt. scheduled for today. He wants me to start with radiation first. No appts were available till next month!!! Jack called the doctor back madder than a hornet! He demanded we get in earlier. I was diagnosed over 5 weeks ago and am still waiting to get started. Is that normal? I am quite anxious to take on this beast before it can spread any further! Well, the doctor did call back and got me an appt for a consult next Wed.. I guess we won't officially begin till the following week?

I worry about Jack's physical wellbeing. He has HBP and heart disease runs in his family. He stays stuck in "anger" as a means of coping. He has lost 15lbs. and not sleeping himself. He has few spports, other than this board. I have been so stubornly independent all of my life that it is difficult to accept help. Jack is not use to my emotional dependency on him and it has really stresses him out. My thanks to you guys for giving him the support he needs to make it through this ordeal.


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Cheryl -

Glad to hear about your empty head!!! :lol: It is maddening to have to wait for treatments to start - like you said the nurse slipped you info because she HAD BEEN THERE!! From first diagnosis to radiation was about 6 weeks for me, with a surgery attempt in between. Then started chemo weekly about a week into radiation. I think sometimes the doctors loose touch with that waiting factor - if it was them or their family then..............

At least you will be moving ahead with the consult next week. I know what you mean about being used to being independent. That was ONE of the HARDEST lessons I learned this past year - first, I was not in control - and second, to let other people take the reins!! My hubby is having a hard time coming out of CONTROL mode some days!! :lol:


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Cheryl, glad you got the official good news. I am always for moving on to the treatment with expediency. Fortunately, Lucie's onc is that way, too. So we don't get these long delays. I am with Jack -- always push the system for what you want. And Jack, you need to take care of yourself and watch your HBP. I also have heart in my family and I am apt to go off the handle easily. But I have learned somewhat to curb it, because I can get more done by being assertive and insistent nicely than aggressive and angry. It is better on the old system, too. Keep being a great caregiver, Jack, but also keep yourself in good health. You don't need both of you sick together. Best to both of you. Don

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I was on everyones back after my father's diagnosis as to when he would start treatment. Its good hubby did that for you. I know the anger he must feel, I feel it too. I have my sisters and friends to vent to. Tell him to come here more often and vent.

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It has already been 5 weeks! You say you may have to wait a month more? I can see why you are upset. Last evening I worked and I was suppose to be the "resource nurse" I was first asked to by the leaving day nurse to finish an admission on a patient that was rushed off to MRI. I checked to computer and found he had a CT that showed lung cancer ( Needle biopsy -Ct guided-) just prior as an out patient. When it got to be 5 PM I started looking for him . Found out he was already getting a radiation treatment ! We hadn't even finished admitting him! I like that route better. I hope you can get seen quickly, sorry you have to be the in this situation.

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When the pain is intolerable - the radiation occurred immediately for my husband - that very day. Other times we have had to wait to begin treatments. I pray that after your appointment next week that the radiation begins immediately after the consult. Can you request that?


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Hi Cheryl and Jack!

My reaction to your waiting a month is...... that's a BUNCH OF CRAP!!!

My Surgeon was SOOOO UPSET when he learned it took 3 months for all the other doctor's to find out what I had that he went right through the roof! However, it was Summer and I have learned it's NOT a good time to get a life threatening disease during the VACATION SUMMER months.

None the less, I saw my surgeon the first time in May, then I had to call and schedule having my lung removed in July and he was just floored!!! But, by the Grace of God, here I am!!!

I don't blame either you or Jack for being VERY ANGRY!! ! Push, PUSH, AND PUSH SOME MORE!!! If you were a stage I, I might not be soooo uptight, but your NOT!!! Sorry, I'm NOT trying to scare you, but time is important right now.

Have you HAD a second opinion? Or even a third??? Just wondering!

Well my friends, hang in there, and YOU GO JACK!! I would have called the Doc too!!!

Warm and Gentle Hugs to Both!!!!!

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Hi Cherly and Jack

glad to hear your MRI was ok---such a relief

as far as waitinhg, you should not have to wait that long---I was dignosed in the end of May 2000, had all the tests the beginning of June, (MRI, boine scan) and was operated June 23rd---

please insist that they see you earlier

Regards Eileen

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