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Is this REALLY good news???


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I'm usually just lurking on the board and learning so much about cancer, treatments and just life in general for people dealing with cancer. I find myself in awe of the members that truly take such time to give helpful advice and answers to all questions...I wish I had the energy or heart to give back to the board and I hope that some day I will, but for now, if nobody minds too much, I'd like to continue taking and ask what will probably be a stupid question; but here goes. My husband just completed lung radiation a few weeks ago and had a CT Scan the next day. The results of the first post dx/ post treatment CT Scan show that everthing is stable and there is no further growth at the lung site. My husband received the Scan results via a phone call from his oncologist and feels that this is GREAT news, as did the nurse....but...prior to completing his radiation, we were told that a PET scan would need to be done to be sure there was no further growth and that the CT Scan would only show the presence of a tumor, and not cancerous cells. We go for an MRI on 10/15 to determine if the cancer has continued to spread to his brain, but I'm having a hard time sitting at the top of this roller coaster hill waiting for the downslide...am I just looking for bad news? Can we really take comfort in the CT Scan?

Thank you in advance for any advice.


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Dear heart,

don't borrow trouble. Tomorrow will bring its own trouble.

Worry about today, today.

If today is good, then be glad.

That the scan ONE DAY after radiation showed no progression is good.

I never heard of a one day post - scan except for another incidental reason,

where they did additionally happen to find something good and reported it.

Stable is good.!!

This is a roller coaster, so enjoy the times when things are good.


Prayers always,


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