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we finally go a call today from the Gamma Knife Center at Yale, we are on their schedule for tommorrow for Gamma Knife.... i spoke with the nurse and she reassured me that my husband would only get the Gamma Knife and that we would not be pressured to go into the study where 50% get WBR.....

we have been going a little crazy trying to figure out how to treat the brain met when at first yale had refused to perform the gamma knife unless we were enrolled in the study....

i know they will do another MRI just before the treatment in order to map the treatment.... i just pray they dont find any new mets.... afterall it was Sept 9 when he had his last brain MRI.... they wasted so much time....grrrr....(brrrrrr......grrrrrr...... said the cold hungry bear)

anyway, tommorrow is the day....my husband is anxious worrying about the frame they will attach.....

anyone with experience....any advice or helpful hints? please tell me how you did with this procedure.....

thanks in advance


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As I'm sure they have already told you, prepare for a long day. We arrived at the hospital at 7:00 and did not leave for home until 6:00 that evening. The MRI performed prior to the procedure for my husband found a second lesion on the brain (we had to wait 6 weeks for the radiosurgery); although it was unexpected, it was just a matter of the surgeons mapping the X-rays to two sites as opposed to one site. Bill had very little discomfort thru the whole day, except he was tired and the head-gear was not conducive to sleeping. Once the head-gear was removed he did have some very minor swelling and a slight headache; but all in all it was an easy and painless treatment. It will probably be much harder for you, my husband assured me that while it looked painful, it wasn't!

Good luck to you both!


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Lisa, I am so anxcious to hear how your husband did in the procedure. Did you have Dr. Delobineire and/or Dr. Neizzly? We were at Yale last Friday for Dads' visit, they decided not to do the gamma knife at this point so he is having low dose radiation for 10 days, then proceed with gamma. Love, Sharon

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thanks everyone for all the WELL WISHES..... Ahmed did pretty well yesterday.... ( would have come on last night but my desktop monitor died and i had to get a new one today )....

the worst part as everyone had said was the attaching of the head frame....but no headaches or anything....

he had the gamma knife procedure....by the time they did the MRI they detected 2 more tumors, very small and close to the 1st one....

they were able to set up gamma knife to target all 3..... they were pushing for wbr though.... as a follow up, especially since Iressa is making a difference with the primary cancer....

we are also considering Temodar.... ahmed is concerned about the wbr b/c side effects....

we have lots of research and thinking to do....

any advice or experiences with these....please come forward ! :)


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