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09/28/04 is a big day for some folks!


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Tomorrow, September 28th, 2004 is a day we all need to say an extra prayer and keep all our digits crossed for good luck for some of our LCSC friends. I'm aware of three that are getting major test results or having major procedures done, but there are probably more. Those I know of are CindiO'h, LisaRN's husband, and Angie Daughter of Bill's Dad (so I guess that would be "Bill" but then you wouldn't know who I was talking about!). Y'all feel free to add others you're aware of!

Praying for us all,


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Can we be added to the list?

After much begging, J's thoracic surgeon will look at MRI TOMORROW to see if treatment has rendered him operable.

Every cloud has a silver lining--I have the radiologist report/films in my posession--the answer is here--I just cant decipher it. J's so sick that I don't have much time to go crazy waiting for tomorrow to come.

I will be thinking of everyone, most definitely. What a day it's gonna be.


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An idea has just crossed my mind. We already have a Card Circle in place. Ry handles the telephone for the ones that gave her the number. Could we possibly start a posting, say every Sunday night about who is haveing test etc for the week. We could PM them to one person and that person could do a post with names etc. listed. Post only actual contacts tho. What I mean is DON'T post a name that someone else sent in. Someone might not want to be included on the list for privacy etc.

Just Luvmydog2 having ****** test run on **-**-2004 etc.

What does everyone think. This way no one would overlook a post where we post individually.

Another idea is birthdays...

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Now, Beth, really if you'd only quit cher whinin' and complainin' and just take a pill or have a few good sessions, then your veins wouldn't collapse and you wouldn't be such a bother to the onco nurses when your throat closes up... I am sure it's all just nerves....

For pete's sake...it's only lung cancer+++ :lol::shock::?::?:

(we will talk)


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