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Hurricane survival check-in


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Hi All!!!! Well Dad and I are back from fleeing our 3rd hurricane in the last month and a half!!!! Thank goodness we have family inland!! Our beach is eroded so badly it is sad. The house is ok, no damage this time. We are still waiting for the insurance adjustor for our roof, so we can get the new one put on, from the damage from Frances. Main thing,,,we are ok. I sure feel bad for those that took the brunt of these storms,,,,geez,,,enough already!!!!!! I hope allof those here that were in the storms made it through well!!!!

Peace and blessings


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Betty, I am so glad to hear that you are safe and sound. We really took a hard hit from Jeanne here in southern Brevard County. This place looks like some area of a war torn country. I had really severe damage. As i had suspected, my roof did not fare well during this storm. I have caved in ceilings all over the place and extensive water damage. My main concern right now is the mold problem. I already have mold growing on some of my walls. The combination of dampness and heat is just the right combination for this stuff to grow. I have someone coming in here tommorrow to test all areas of the house for mold. They said it may very well be in carpet and all porous materials in the house. I thought the night Frances passed through our little town was terrible but Frances was nothing compared to Jeanne. How terrifying Saturday night was!!! President Bush is going to tour our county tommorrow for damage. I'm sure most of you have already seen pictures. I have spent most of the day just throwing things away. Many things that I have had for years and mean so much to me are now sitting at the street waiting to be picked up tommorrow. we all have fear that we may get yet another storm before the season is over. Nothing seems safe anymore. Life here and the laid back way of thinking is gone. But...I have to have hope and faith that things will be better. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!!!

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Oh Ann, I am so sorry you and your neighbors are going through such a horrible time! I wish I could come help you. Sure hope no more of these nasty storms come your way. How heartbreaking too, to have to throw out meaningful things that you have had for years. Thinking of you and all our East Coast friends.



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I am glad to hear that you are OK, I know it was bad where you were and I worried about you alot. It will take time, but you will get your house back together. Be patient, but proactive and it will all get taken care of. The same for the others who have extensive damage.

Annjael, glad you had no damage this time. And you were wise to evacuate, I wish I had.



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