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Going up the hill on this roller coaster ride........AGAIN!


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Here we go again! Had full strength chemo #2, we had changed from Taxatere due to the horrible pain that I had had. We did Gemzar and Carboplatin today....here is my story (because I always have one!)

Of course I was extremely scared last night and today wondering what would happen this time.........started with the nausea med and steriods right before the Gemzar was given I had major pain in my vien and a bump started. Pulled that IV out and started one in the side of my hand (Oh that hurt! Felt like she hit a nerve), started the flow and OUCH it hurt like hell! Called in my Dr's Nurse, she stuck me and it didn;t hurt at all....finished the Gemzar and started the Carboplatin. Half way through.....I broke out in a rash and my throat felt like it was closing up.....ears itched, lips started to swell, got hot, hands itched. You could see the rash poping up on me.

Well everyone jumped me and started pumping me full of steriods and benadryl (which if ya'll remember, makes me sick too).

I don;t know why everything they give me makes me sick! Don't get it....we are doing the Gemzar this Monday, like we initially planned. But we are back to the drawing board, new chemo drug again. I figure by the 4th and final treatment we might find one that works!

I also have decided that becasue I have reacted and been so ill with each treatment that this is working and I will be cured! I figure the sicker the drugs make you the better it's working! :)

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Oh Beth,

You just can't catch a break! This is really scary to go through I am sure. I can't imagine the stress you must go through the night before your chemo. But like you said, hopefully your body's reaction is nothing compared to the cancer's reaction and it is getting the h - - - outta there! :wink:

Praying for positive results and NED!


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I'm so sorry you went through that again. but like I told you, I know what

the stress is like the night before cemo. They gave me higher mg. of sternoids the night before and that seems to work. You just can't sleep to

well, if you can fall asleep it's a twight sleep. They didn't change my cemo

at all. Good luck and I will pray this time it's a keeper.

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You seem to be having terrible luck finding the right chemo. I hope they can work out something soon. Maybe mention the protocol that oncodoc mentioned so that you can continue with the carbo. Hope things work out soon and that that cancer is is reacting to the chemo the way the rest of your body is...if nothing else it should be scared to death... :)


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I can attest to Beth being the center of attention in a fairly large and busy infusion room. My mom was there at the exact same time getting her very first chemo for her colon cancer. I was there with my mom and dad (and Beth and her mom, ha - I like to do lots of hand holding) until Mom got started and then I went to work. Mom called me as soon as she got home to report in, said "I'm fine, but there sure was alot of activity around Beth after you left!"

To make my life even weirder, Dave was getting his chemo at the very same time, too, except his was in a smaller infusion room across town. Same oncology practice, he just opts to go to the smaller office.

Hang in there, Beth! The chemo IS working. If there are any cancer cells still lurking in your body, they have got to be zapped to nothingness by now!


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