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Why does it keep coming back!


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I always seem to post more when I feel crappy!

I have been reading all the posts for the past week and now I'm mad........I am fighting this stupid disease and the treatment is killing me, I do this in hopes that I will be cured, etc.

Why does this disease seem to keep coming back? I have been thinking about this since I joined. I read the bio's and everyone goes through the treatment and then IT COMES BACK!

This is extremely frustrating! I don't want to even think that I may have to go through this again (that thought is not the least bit amusing!) Why can't it be stopped, in EVERYONE! It's so discourageing!

Guess I'm just mad cause I'm really hungary and my throat still hurts to eat, after several months of this it's getting on my nerves! Too much throat pain and too many percocet over the past few months. I want to EAT again!!!!!! :x gggrrrrrr

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I am so very sorry you are still having such troubles, I personally have never heard of anything/anyone quite like you...I am sure they are gonna find the "right" thing for you, I guess in a sense you are getting every kind of chemo available so something outta kill those little buggers...hardheaded little things

You are in my thoughts daily and prayers going out to you in hoping you can eat again soon. Mom was finally able to eat and drink again, but everytime she has the chemo it comes back which i thought was odd, but doc said not to worry all related to the taxol she is getting.(Have they tried that one in a high dose?) Just seems weird that chemo would effect the radiation sight in her throat...Everything about this disease is strange though if you ask me, seems you just get something figured out and bam something else..and its always "chemo related"...I think if Mom grew a second head the doc would just say not to worry its chemo side effect....

Hang in there, it can only get better for you...

God Bless you


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When my throat was like that they gave me a scrip. they called it

Miracle Mouthwash. It was maylox, laticane.(Sorry about the spelling)

The pharmacy makes it up. Each hospital has there own name for it. The

bottom line is, it numbs your mouth and throat. It's not the best tasting

stuff, but it works. I would take a couple of belts before I ate and at least I could get a few things in my stomach. But then you have to deal w/the

cemo messing up your taste buds. Ask your onco.Dr. if they have anything like that for you, it works. Good luck!

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Just wanted to offer a word of encouragement - my mom was hospitalized for a bad chemo reaction, but the cancer was knocked out!

Why keep fighting? Because SOMEONE is going to be the one who beats the beast for good. And the only way to know if you're the lucky one is to fight.

If someone robbed your house and took everything you own, leaving only a lottery ticket for some far-off date, would you throw it away? No matter what the odds may be, you have to have the ticket to be in the running for the prize.

I hope the next treatment will not have any "interesting" side effects - except for completely killing off the cancer cells.

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While I never had any problem with my chemo I know what you are going through with the pain. I thought that the pain would never go away. The last thing to go was the burning sensation. Hang in there girl and the pain will get better and eventually go away. It will take a while but it will. Now try to relax and :) . It will take your mind off the pain.

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Did you read Connie B's bio??? 9 YEARS! And still going strong, and we are blessed to have her here to keep on supporting all of us. Keep your chin up, you are almost through. You have a good chance of beating this, and from the looks of things, you are tough enough to do it!

Hang in there,


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