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Good news, I think ....

cindi o'h

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Dear Friends,

For all of your good thoughts and prayers, thank you.

I did see the thoracic surgeon today, a charming and handsome chap, I must say, who gave me some options regarding the changes on the CT scans. He is quite hesitant to do a VATS because of the recent stent placement in my coronary artery. The medication that I take for preventing re-stenosis also would be contraindicated for major surgery. He said that his concern would be uncontrolled bleeding. He hesitates to take me off the medication at this point, even short term, because it could compromise the success of the stent...

So, I opted for a thoracentesis, even though there are slight risks asso. with that. He said that 40-50% of the time, the pathology can come back as a false negative for cancer....

My idea is we check those cells and see what is there; if it comes back negative, then we can think further about what to do as far as the "stuff" that showed up on the CT scan. He agreed. So he will have me set up for a thoracentesis...

I came out of there, feeling pretty good. He said that the changes on the CT are 50/50 cancer return or continued changes from the radiation I completed 18 months ago....

The answer, I guess, is still....wait and see...

Peace and love to all of us...

Thanks Katha for your call for luck, prayers...goodness, whatever you want to call it....so many good and kind people in this world....thank you for responding.



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