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Will try to make this short!


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Today was a mixed bag sort of day! I'm just exhausted and I'll try to be brief.

First "good thing" today - I noticed Mike's feets weren't so swollen. Then I got the lab results and in spite of diruetics his sodium actually went UP and his potassium is well within normal! Even his creatine levels are holding strong at 0.9.

Had lots of vistors today in Mike's hospital room. He is pretty "zoned" from the morphine drip...but they started turning that down tonight due to the implanted pain pump's dosage being increased today. It will be increased tomorrow and Friday as well.

Our GP came in today. It's really sad our world has changed so much that the first concern on everyone's mind is "liability" but that's what came to mind when he came into the room with a case management representative (Didn't even know they had them at this hospital until today.) I'm sure he was "covering" himself and the hospital for potential liability by asking what Mike wanted to do. Not that I begrudge him for this...just sad that we have sunk to such a "litigation world" that there is even a need for a witness to a discussion.

He asked Mike what he wanted. Did he want to go to Tulsa or did he want to stay in the hospital and have his pain controlled. I was speechless. I had told him that CTCA was planning on treating Mike's cancer so to ask that question was like asking Mike "Do you want to fight your cancer or do you want to stay here and die?"

Mike looked at him and said...well that was the plan. Again the doctor said "Do you want me to get your pain controlled enough for you to travel to Tulsa or do you want to stay here in the hospital and have us manage your pain. Mike was clear of mind enough to look at him and say "Go to Tulsa...that's always been the plan". Our GP said "okay - we will keep you until Friday - get your pain management balanced and release you to go to Tulsa." Poor man...You could almost see his discomfort at having to ask the question again and again. I really feel it was for the "witness's" benefit...that way the hospital has covered their liability issues.

Speaking of liability issues....today I noticed Mike's saline bag was being administered at 100 ml's per hour. Thought to myself - gads...why are they pouring so much saline into a man they have on diruetics? Well before I could call in the nurse, our GP came...and he saw it....became rather upset and called in the nurse. Nurse insisted it was in the orders. I think she read 10 ml's as 100 ml's per hour. Now Mike's feet are swollen again. Go figure....

Later this pm, Mike got more and more fuzzy because they turned up the internal pump but didn't turn down the drip IV. It was sorta cute though because in moments of "clarity" he kept asking for me to get his underwear because he was ready to leave. When I asked him why he wanted his underwear he would become very aggitated with me and say "We gotta leave for Tulsa." Guess what's on HIS mind! LOL

I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit to moments of doubt....but with Mike's attitude...and God's help I'm not going to give in to them. Mike wants to fight. Little scrapper that he is! I still continue to believe God's leading and directing us to go there...who am I to argue? Besides....I get pampered there too.....and I can use it right now.

Got to get my tired and old body to bed......

Thanks for your continued prayers. Please pray for the edema in Mike's legs and feet to be lessened and for increased strength...and while you are on your knees....a little prayer for my stamina would be appreciated....

To God be the Glory - Great things He hath Done - (and continues to do....)

Shannon & 'lil' scrapper Mike

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Guest Tim'sKathy


Tim and I are praying for you and Mike...I wish I lived near you so I could just keep you company or help out...you are so strong and I admire you so much for it....

Hang in there..Mike is so lucky to have you....


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Ohhh Shannon, my heart go's out to you two, get some rest, and get back to Tulsa, God be with you, I'll be praying real hard for you and Mike.

God bless and stay strong

Bobmc - NSCLC- stage IIB - left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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