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Who is that handsome dude in the tuxedo?


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Wow, Bruce. No wonder your step-daughter picked you to walk her down the aisle!

But you've just gotta respond to this string of messages so everyone ELSE can see the photo without having to go looking for one of your posts just to find it, like I did! :wink:

Praying for us all,


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Don't really know how to respond. Everyone here at home was shocked to see me dressed this way also. I do have a picture of me and the bride but will have to get it tho. The person that was using my camera to take it didn't push the right button and it didn't take. Will post it as soon as I can but in the meantime will leave this one for a while.

Words can not express how I felt that day. It truly was an honor for me and only one more reason to fight this cancer. I have 2 more step-daughters but they never call or anything. So now you know why this was an honor. Anyway glad to be back on my computer. Thanks for the compliments everyone. :) .

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oh Elaine, you are so funny, you are a ham...

And poor Frank has to take so much abuse, not only on the JFL forum, but now all over... :lol::P

This crowd is good for me.


And yes...what a tuxedo!! Fun to get all gussied up and be a VIP in someone's life on a day she will never forget. Congratulations.

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