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I am so sorry that you are missing your Mom so much I am just 2 years younger than your Mom and have a 23 year old son. It is not fair that this is happening to any of us. Just remember all the love and the good times you had with your Mom. I just know she would want you to be happy (it's a Mom thing). Take care of yourself.

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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Oh Denise, I am so sorry! I do know how your feeling dear. This does SUCK! ((((((DENISE))))))) Mom was too young, your right! After 17 years without my mom, I still miss her. :cry: It does getting better dear, as time goes on. We go through so many time frames in our lives.

When dealing with cancer we go through the wait and see time frame, when we lose a loved one, we go through the wait the pain gets better time frame. Everything goes from an up roar to nothing! I found that to be very hard and painful. We're here for you Denise.

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Oh Denise,

Its so hard I know..As time goes on it wont be so painful every waking moment of everyday, you will find some happiness again I promise...Its been 13 months for me and not a moment goes by when I dont think of that CRAPPY DISEASE and how it took my dear dad, however instead of being sooo sad all the time I have moments of sadness during the day, and then I get back to whatever. I know one day I will be okay and I know you will too, one day...

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