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Start to aware the Grace of God on my dad & me


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Since my dad was diagnosed and passed away, I keep asking why this happen on us so early. Why can't give 1 or 2 more years to my dad and us. I can't praise the Lord for this. Frankly I blame Him and don't know the reason why God let this happen.

Two days ago, I bought a book called "conversations with God", I read only around 10 pages, an impression/idea suddenly came to my mind, and answering some of my questions on my dad's case. At that moment, it seems that my eyes were suddenly open and knew more about the reason behind, the whole picture, and the timing of why my dad was suffered from sticky brain mets in the very late stage. I found the cause and effect behind. I saw God's will. At that moment in the bus, I started to tears. I felt that God loves my dad, love me. He really gave us the best and the most suitable things to us. During the treatment to my dad, I was totally blind as what happening was fully against my wish. During that period, I know what bible told and taught us, but I was just blind and can't think in the same way and keep asking why and blaming God before.

I thank God that everything is happening in His time and someday, when we step back, we can look at the whole picture and know how merciful God is. Keep the faith my dear. God is with you.

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