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Update on my Daddy

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Dad had his meeting with the radiation oncologist (dr.#1) and will see his chemo oncologist (dr.#2) next week. Dr.#1 has indicated he wants to do 6 weeks of rad 5 times per week. Dad will go for his fitting (not to knowledgable on this) next week and likely start the following week.

They did another chest xray to see if the cancer has spread because dad is in alot of pain which they say he shouldnt be in. They also scheduled another ct scan because dad has been getting alot of headaches so they want to check that out.

Next week they will meet with Dr.#2 to determine the treatments. Dr.#1 thinks it will likely be three times per week in conjunction with the rad. After Dad is done with treatment they will do more scans and send them to Dr.#3 (lung surgeon) who happens to be dads surgeon from 1989 when he had part of his lung removed due to cysts. Dr.#1 says that there is a slim to none chance that the tumor will shrink enough to be able to have surgery BUT.....there is a chance! Even a small chance is a chance, right!

So thats the update for now...will get into further detail later but its been a long day filled with lots of typing so I need to get off this thing!

My prayers are with you all

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Well Dad saw his Chemo oncologist on thursday. He will start that on July 15th and if he is able to complete it all they will go four cycles ending in September but possibly only two (which they say could be enough anyways). He did not agree with DR.#1's idea of possibly having surgery at a later date. He said that it would be very risky due to the pulmonary artery's location and that dad could possibly die on the operation table. So now it looks like the "chance" I was praying for is gone forever.

I had a long talk with my mom last night (and some of it with my dad...he doesnt like to talk about cancer all the time) and it somewhat relieves me. I now know what kind of approach will be taken and even though he may not have the surgery to remove the tumor, I am optimistic that it WILL shrink....as my doctor put it "he may still have a slug in him, but as long as that slug doesnt move around too quickly he could still live another 2-3 or even 20 years after".

Dads concerned about the pain he will face during radiation. He must lay still with his arms over his head and that causes quite abit of pain in his shoulder area. During his fitting on thursday he says it hurt alot. On that day he had taken a pain pill just before going so we are thinking maybe he should take it about two hours before the rad so it will take effect.

On July 11th he has another CT scan. Apparently he has been having headaches and not telling any of us. They are going to check for any brain activity. We joked around that they are not going to find anything cause first they will have to search for the brain! The scan just may prove my mother in that my dad has nothing between his ears!! :lol:

So thats it for now....once again the waiting begins..til next week anyways.


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Find out from your pharmacist the best time to give your dad the pain medication, so that it is at it's peak when he has treatments.

You also might find some of the info at my site helpful.. http://c.d.luce.home.att.net

Keeping a diary or journal of your thoughts and when things happen is helpful... I wish I had with my mom... but did have some outline in letters and emails I sent. There are a few caretaker ideas there too. Looking for more if anyone has any input.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers,



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