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The internet, stats and "the date"


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Okay, so maybe my husband is "a little" right about the fact that I spend way too much time reading and surfing the internet to find information on, well...you know....lc. I'm forever telling him that I read this or I read that and a few weeks ago I am surfing around and I come across this journal report about cancer, spreading and stats, so I begin to scroll down and read. But this is a really long article and I need to get my son to football practice, so I print it and take it to read while waiting. Here I am sitting in my car and reading this journal report and nothing I am reading is positive or good. Not only am I getting very upset, but I'm confused because I don't recognize any of the treatments. Needless to say, 20 minutes later...still reading and feeling totally hopeless as I reach the end of the article, the author pays his respects to a patient he had been treating that had passed away earlier that year....1966. Yes, this was a very very very old and very outdated article on cancer in 1966. We've come a long way baby and needless to say...I now look for a publication date before I read anything!

Let's not tell my husband, he'd think he was right about something : :oops:

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Our lips are sealed! We sure can't have him thinking something like that!

Thanks for pointing out the need to be sure the info we read is accurate - or at least recent. But I have to wonder . . . obviously, the internet didn't exist back in 1966. It was LONG after that when the information superhighway came around. So WHY would someone put an old article like that on here anyway?! :roll:

Praying for us all,


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