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Revisiting Moss Reports


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From what I can put together, Mr. Moss sends out a report based on your type of cancer and your stage. It does not seem to me that the reports are in any other way personalized as to pathology, performance status etc. Am I correct?

He charges 300.00 for the reports, and I am not sure what prevents anyone from sharing them.

So, does anyone have one?

Of all the people I have found on he web who espouse non-traditional treatments along with standard treatment, he seems to be the most respected or at least accepted by both "camps", to have the best credentials etc.

What do some of you others think and have you tried his reports or his books?


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Elaine, I became aware of Ralph Moss when I was the clinical nurse specialist for the photodynamic therapy (PDT) program at a local hospital. Many people contacted me because Ralph Moss reportedly endorsed a "new form of PDT" called CLT that was being done in Ireland.

In investigating CLT, I found that every red flag about cancer scams came up. They required up-front payment for the treatment, they were "the only place in the world" offering it, there was no published research on it, and they claimed it was the same as, but better than, PDT (which has been extensively researched and approved by the FDA.) If Mr. Moss didn't catch these red flags, I have to wonder about his expertise in alternative/complementary therapies. Incidentally, the clinic in Ireland offering CLT has subsequently closed. I was inspired to write this article as a result of this experience: http://www.cancerlynx.com/spotscam.html

$300 seems pricey to me. Most people I know who are seeking complementary/alternative therapy have the wherewithall to investigate these therapies on their own without paying someone else to send them a summary. There are so many good sources, e.g., see my post on the ONF online exclusive article series on herbals and other natural products. There are peer-reviewed professional journals on alternative and complementary therapies.

I would be happy to help anyone who needs assistance searching for reliable information. Just ask! - Teresa

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