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Tim is Home


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Tim came home from the hospital today---finally. He had a few set backs, but nothing too serious. He spent two days in ICU after his surgery because the doc had to open his pericardium to strip tumor off the vein. He reassured me that the tumor was not in his heart or in the pericardium--it was just the only way to remove it. He did tell me that his heart became unstable a couple of times during the surgery--but didn't tell for a few days after--when he knew all was good.

Tim's had an episode of tachacardia the day he was put in a regular room. It could have been the surgery or it could have been nerves or they thought he might be having a heart attack. :shock: They moved him to cardiac ICU for two days. No heart attack--just nerves. I almost had one!! :lol:

A couple of more days in a regular room and he was ready to come home. They sure don't make it easy to sleep--lots of noise and people waking you up at all hours. He had the most beautiful view of the Puget Sound out his window. We could watch the ships coming and going.

The hospital was great. They have an Al A Carte food system. Tim could order anything he wanted 24 hours a day and it would be brought to him. He could eat when he really felt like it and have just jello or mac & cheese or a fruit smothie. It was a great idea--they would bring me food too--all I had to do was pay cash. It was nice that we could have dinner together in his room.

So glad to have him home. He's doing great. Stands up straight--not hunched over. He had a couple of units of blood 2 days ago, so his color is good. Says the pain is controlled with the meds, so it's not too bad.

I don't have the entire pathology report yet, but Tim got the info that the margins were clean--then he dozed off while the doc was talking. :lol:

Sorry this was so long--it's my birthday and having him come home was just the greatest gift. Thanks for the prayers everyone. I know it helped him through.


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So glad you have him home. Enjoy your birthday.

I have recovered from many surgeries, and learned to take it easy the first week or two. Over doing it only brought discomfort for me, but I was able to live in the real world.

You take care of yourself, too !!!!!

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Happy birthday, Annie! Yep, there's no gift like a healing spouse. Give Tim my regards and wishes for a speedy recovery. I am so glad the hospital stay, even with the bumps, was a good one. The view sounds spectacular. Know that you are much loved here, both of you. Don

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What a happy birthday!! Thank you for stopping and sharing that wonderful news with us :D We love wonderful news. You are right , the hospital is no place to vacation and get rest! Have a wonderful day and enjoy. :D

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Guest pepperpike

Welcome home to Tim. I had my left lung removed in March. Make sure Tim uses the pain meds given. I tried to be valient and wasted alot of energy fighting pain that could have been used for healing. Something the doctors didn't tell me is that the space fills up with fluid. So when Tim is moving around he may feel the sloushing around of the fluid. This dries up over time, but the first few weeks, I couldn't lie down flat as I felt like I was drowing. I slept in a recliner for almost the first month. I finally got back to my bed, but never able to sleep on my left side like I used to. Bending over and putting my head down bothered me alot when I first came home. I couldn't pick up the newspaper. I soon learned to squat down and pick things up. The fluid movement made me dizzy. The good news, my right lung has expanded and made up for some of the loss of the left. Good luck to Tim and yourself.

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