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Up the Roller Coaster time over here - waiting


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Hi all. It's up the hill on the roller coaster for us this time. Hubby has a lump on his neck, who knows, PET scan moved up a week to this Friday. Could be a just a lumpy neck? Or drainage problems?

He was almost to remission on the last tests in July. He finished his last round of Taxotere 9/10. Anybody else have this kind of thing happen around 8 months? What happened?

Our best wishes to all. Thank you for the sharing.


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I so hope that this is just a 'carbuncle' or some other inocuous thing.

But, if it is a tumor, I believe that the neck is one of the locations where they can get what they need for the GVAX vaccine. So we pray it is not bad news, but maybe it may be the better type of bad news.

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Thanking each of you. It helps so much that others understand.

Strangely, I felt much better as soon as the test was over today. We have to wait until next week for results. I don't know how common this is but our PET machine is in a big truck that comes to the hospital once a week, then goes back to ... somewhere else, maybe Des Moines. They say the report won't be completed until about 4 days - that would be Thursday. We have an appointment Friday for results. I might ask them to give us a call if it comes in early. I sure don't want them to do a rush job, take your time and get it right but not too long. But I do feel better and I can kind of let it go until Friday.

I have read some encouraging news on here about different people, I feel like we can cope with whatever comes. I've been reading some inspirational books, too, they lend at least temporary relief.

Huge Hugs to all my buds. Margaret

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Sorry to be so late. Charlie had a tumor come up in his lymph node. If we had it to do over, we would have pursued the GVAX and possibly sensitivity testing, also.

Praying that it is nothing. But, if it's cancer, it may give you more opportunities for treatment. Take care.

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