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London Lad

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Here's a little story. Back when I just a very young lad i.e. over 30 years ago now, my dad took me to see a football team play (soccer team for all my US friends). From that day on I was hooked with Manchester United - for the women in my life since, some may argue dangerously obsessed. It's an obsession of support that my dad and I hold up to this day.

When my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and given 6 months to live, back in March of this year, amidst all the turmoil, one thought kept coming to the forefront of mind - to re-pay dad and get him to a big game like he did for me all those years ago. But the season was drawing to a close, dad was mid-way through chemo and who knew if he'd make it to next season.

Well a few weeks ago, I entered the hallowed stadium, amongst 70,000 other devoted fans, having got tickets for my dad and I. He hardly walked for months but that day he walked several miles. As we entered the stadium and took to our seats, we both smiled smiles wider than you can imagine and then both shed a few tears (a bit like I am right now typing this). It was a truly wonderful day. Our team won. My dad even shouted back at the opposition fans and I'll treasure the memory while my mind is still alive.

Thank you for indulging me.


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Sean -

Thanke you for sharing such an amazing memory. My husband is a soccer coach here in the states and is taking one of his teams on a 10 day tour with 6 friendly matches interspersed - we (at least I hope I will be accompanying him :) ) will get to visit the Theatre of Dreams while there. I will definately be thinking of you and your Dad and that wonderful day.

Much Love,


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Dear London Lad,

Thank you for sharing your INSPIRING story.....

It serves to remind us that while we get caught up in the day to day dr's appts and the like..... there are still many memories we can be making....

We just need to SLOW DOWN and take the time to make them.....

Thanks again for the reminder.....


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Wonderful story Sean and thanks so much for sharing it. My hubbie is a high school assistant soccer coach who is now once again able to drive himself to some practices and games. This is what keeps him going. I am happy your Dad could walk so far that day. It's amazing what we can do if we really want to. You created a wonderful experience and memory for both you and your dad.

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