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Question about Brain mets


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Hi Everyone,

Last cemo I had was 1-23-04 and I have been clear so far. Thank God.

I have had chest x-rays, CT scans and a bone scan post surgery. I had

a MRI of the head before surgery. Is it protocol to have another MRI of

the head to look for mets or do I have to have systoms first??? I did have lymph node involvement so I tend to worry they are there and I just

don't know it yet. Does anyone know if I should request the test or is it

an insurance thing to need systoms first?

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I don't know how often a brain MRI is repeated after getting a clear one, but I do know that you do not have to have symptoms to get an MRI. My husband has not had any symptoms. Even after he had a clear one, the next one was repeated in a couple of months, but that may have been because he had originally had brain mets.

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