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The shelves are stocked with mallowmars


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So, I'm walking through the supermarket the other day, and on the display stand at the end of the aisle I see them-Mallowmars...now, you must understand that mallowmars do not go on sale here until September-to me it has always signified the official end of summer (to heck with the calandar-mallowmars melt easily and so they are not sold during the spring and summer months)-remember the time of year when you find yourself waking up one morning and feeling a chill in the air and you are clutching at the blankets not wanting to give up their warmth? Then you walk into the supermarket and there they are...MALLOWMARS. Now, realize, that until this very year I never noticed when they appeared, or when they disappeard from the shelves (although I do love them).

Until this year I would walk into my parents house, open the bread drawer...and there they'd be...mallowmars. Two or three boxes of them. Daddys favorite cookies. They won't be in my parents bread drawer this year, or ever again, I guess...who'd have thought that the sight of a bunch of cookie boxes on a shelf in the grocery store would bring me to tears.

Soon Entemmans will be stocking shelves with Blackout cake, Daddys favorite cake-it always sells out right away, so finding a box is actually like winning lotto-my husband would somehow always find one, though, just for my dad-and bring it over-his expression resembeling that of a proud dog bringing its master the newspaper (minus the wagging tale).

In honor of my dad I will be buying a few boxes of mallowmars for my own house. But I'd better find a sale, as the price has skyrocketed and Daddy would want me to get a deal on them :wink: .

Tomorrow, while the kids are at school, I plan on opening a box, getting 2 or 3 out with a big glass of milk, setting Daddys picture on the table, and having some milk and mallowmars with my Dad. He'd want it that way. Deb

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Oh Deb,

Beautifully written..Isnt it funny how we know our dads favorite foods...My dad loved these cupcakes they use to call banana flips and jim jams..Every single time I see them in the store I want to cry, you dont see them too often so when I do or when I did I would pick them up for my dad, his beautiful eyes would light up, you would think I brought him a million dollars..I use to love to cook my dads favorite meals and have him and my mom over, boy do I miss him and his unconditional love :(

I hear you dear friend, enjoy your Mallowmars..

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I can totally understand what you are going through. I lost my father three weeks ago, a warm man with an obsession for kit kats. He used to have them all over the house, and when I went to his office to pick up paperwork, there was a seven day pack of them in his drawer. I went home and ate all of them crying as i did.I organised the funeral, so I brought in a big bowl of kit kats for the mourners to eat and remember dad.I still have his whole house to sort through, and I have no doubt that there will be many more chocolates to find..

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