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Every Other Week Chemo


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My wife's 2 week on - 2 week off chemo regimen has been split up into an every other week chemo regimen. I assume that this means week 1 Gemzar / carboplatin - week 2 off - week 3 Gemzar - week 4 off, etc. Is anybody familiar with an every other week chemo regimen ? The med onc claims that the therapeutic effect is the same and that it's easier on the blood.

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I started Gemzar/Carboplatin treatment 4 days ago. The plan was Gemzar and carboplatin on day one, then gemzar only on day 8, then one week off.......start all over again.

I had an allergic reaction to the carboplatin so don't know what our future plans are. As long as blood counts are ok we will do the additional Gemzar treatment on Monday (day 8) but future treatments will change, I guess, because of my allergic reaction.

That's all I know about the treatment.

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oncodoc Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2004 8:26 pm Post subject:


Bill, I will tell you that I have given gem/carbo in this way before. I've never seen it published but sometimes blood counts just won't tolerate sequential weeks. I agree with your oncologist that it is probably of similar efficacy but I can't tell you I have any proof of that.


Glad to hear your favorable second opinion on every-other-week chemo since my wife is stuck with this regimen change unless she changes med oncologists. BTW, thanks to all for the input on this one.

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