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Just this side of stalker ...


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Today is finally here!!! Alisa and I have tickets to a jazz concert at Trinity tonight with ridiculously good seats (which is an interesting story in itself). All of the kids are with grandparents, and I am picking her up at 6; we have dinner reservations at a great Chinese restaurant here in town. They have waitresses and no crayons, which for us is about as nice as it gets. And a wine menu. So it is a chance to dress up some - she is wearing the women's classic black dress with heels, so I figured I would counter with the men's classic navy blue sportscoat with gray slacks and a snazzy tie that was Becky's favorite. (For every date we have, even if just lunch in the park, I have something that is dedicated to her because she will be with me always; we are as much a package deal as Katie and I. Now, Alisa doesn't know about this, so don't go blabbing, but I cannot imagine she would have a problem with it.)

Alisa, being a woman, loves flowers and chocolates. One of her e-harmony questions was about having three wishes. And her reply was along the lines of "I feel obligated to wish for world peace, and end to all diseases, and a stop to world hunger. But the little girl in me still delights in flowers, chocolates, and a new dress." So she is providing the new dress; I reckon I can provide the other two. But rather than just show up at 6 with chocolates and flowers in tow, I am going to drop the chocolates off on the way to school - she lives three blocks from campus or so - with a note that says, "Looking forward to tonight." And then after stats on my way to lunch with the gang, stop by with the flowers and another similar note. Just leave them on the porch for her to find.

This is my way of saying that even though I have to wait until six to pick her up, this whole day is dedicated to her. Either that, or this is my way of saying that if she dumps me, I will abduct her and keep her in a miniature storage facility with the corpses of previous dates. (Why do psycho's always have those storage facilities? It gave me the willies every time I went to ours in Tallahassee wondering which ones had limbs of tortured animals in them.) I titled this just this side of stalker, but which side is this side? That is the question I leave you with.

I have a feeling that this is going to be the longest stats class of my life. Three hours is plenty long as it is without my thoughts going to that black dress every 3.2 seconds.

Have a great day. I sincerely doubt it will be as great as mine.


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Curtis, Curtis, Curtis....there is such a fine line between hopeless romantic and stalker :) - I think you fall perfectly fine on the romantic side. If you start tiptoeing over the line, we'll let you know. Yeah, why DO they always have storage facilities :? .

I hope you have a fabulous time. I'm sure you will slay (not in the above referenced serial killer fashion) her with your wit, charm, chocolates, flowers, and sharp blue blazer.

Have a great time and report back.


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