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10/1/04 GETTING SMALLER CLUB MEETING (not cancer related)


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CALLING TO ORDER THE OCT. 1, 2004 GETTING SMALLER CLUB MEETING!! Hip! Hip! Horray! or should that be Hips! Hips! Away!

How did everybody do? Good or not-so-good results this past month, we want to know. :wink: I am 16 lbs. SMALLER than I was on July 25. I've averaged approx. 1.8 lb. loss a week, which is much, much more than I had anticipated. I will be happy if I lose on 1/4 lb. a week. :P

For anybody new or just ready to get started, at the bottom of this note, I've put the lengths to the two discussions we've had so far. I'll add to it each month so you can go back and pick up useful food or exercise tips.

Believe it or not, I have an exercise tip. As I confessed earlier, I hate to exercise. I think the reason is because I don't like to set aside that 30 min. or hour to do it, so I've been implementing it in other ways. One thing I did was buy a Reebok stepper (just the manual kind - I think it was $30), BUT the secret is that I put it right in the doorway to this office where I spend a lot of time. Every time I step through the doorway, I MAKE myself step 10-20 times - so that means a minimum of 10 steps when I go in the room and 10 steps when I go out. If I go in and out a lot (which I do) - THAT'S A LOT OF STEPS!!

OK. Now, it's your turn. Let's hear from all of you. How much SMALLER are you? If you're not - THAT'S OK - talk to us anyway.



8/21/2004 Discussion:

http://www.lchelp.com/community/viewtop ... ng+smaller

9/1/04 Getting Started:

http://www.lchelp.com/community/viewtop ... ng+smaller

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I am 20 pounds lighter, but probably not for the right reasons, but probably healthier.

I am no longer cooking for two. So just for 1 means I stop and get a salad to go or I eat nothing at night.

Also I have joined Curves and I love it.

Still want to lose more and tighten those baggy muscles.

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I am officially twice the weight I was when I married. YIKES! Yes, I weighed under 100 pounds when I got married 26 years ago.

I would love to lose weight, but I would freak out now if I lost a pound, so I continue to both celebrate and look with dismay each day I get on the scales. How's that for schizophrenia!

Peggy, that's really something! Ginny, I know that grief can cause weight loss, but you are making some lemonade by taking advantage of it! I hear Curves is really fun, so keep at it!

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The same! No change (at least in weight) but I do have more muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so I guess no change is good (that's my story so shut up!) I have been walking with weights almost every night so I don't know how I'll make up for that when it gets too nasty to walk outside.

Peggy, Ginny, and everyone else that is losing, congratulations!! Way to go.


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I will NOT step on a scale unless at the doctor's office - she is a trained professional and can sew the back of my head back up after I pass out...

I THINK I may have lost something - I'm having a formal altered and between the time I was measured and the "fitting", it has become too loose and is being tucked again...and my seat in my drawers feels less snug...

BUT, just when I'm feeling good about myself, my body throws me into "bloat" and those loose-in-the-seat drawers becoming binding-on-the-tummy and I feel like a balloon about to lift off with a basket full of passengers.... :shock:

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I have not officially joined the club or have I really been trying to loose weight....but I have lost 20 pounds this month but then again not in the right way....I was sick for about ten days and couldn't eat...but have been back to feeling good and able to keep it off.

I can't even think about exercise ..a walk thru Wal Mart wears me out but I will keep trying to shed a pound here and there and let you all know how it's going....right now 329 lbs.

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Fay, I think you actually made my mouth water talking about oatmeal cookies and apple cake. I could almost smell the warm apple cake. YUM! Stop that! or we'll kick you out of the club. You can eat'em, just don't talk about'em! :wink::lol::wink::lol:

(that's my story so shut up!)
Ry, that really made me laugh!

Elaine, I don't think you need to worry about losing weight at all, but I'm not a doctor. If it will make you feel better (mentally & physically), then I think it would be ok to go buy some fat free turkey, spinach, green beans, tomatoes, etc., etc. and start getting smaller today. I understand why you say that, though. That's probably a good oncodoc question. Is it ok for a cancer patient to diet?

Becky: Getting a little loose in the caboose, huh? Great! You are now an official member of our club.

Ginny: I have 2 or 3 friends that joined Curves and they are crazy about it, too! Congrats on the 20 lbs.

Guy: We're glad to have you aboard. Sorry you got sick this month, but it did give you a head start, so your 20 lbs. COUNT!! If walking is difficult, then go easy. Just do what you can and take a few extra steps where you can. For example, if you are waiting for something to heat up in the microwave, make that a time to walk in place, or walk back and forth in the kitchen during that time. When I'm heating something in the microwave, that's my queue to do arm swings, or a few knee bends or leg kicks or something to just keep moving. For me, I have to make it EASY for me, or I know I won't do it!

Now, just waiting for the rest of our group to check in. This reporting in once a month is helpful to me. I've not had as good a week this week, and just getting this going again today has really helped.



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Lost 3.5 pounds in September, total of 7.5. My cholesterol score motivated me. 9.5 pounds to go, maybe even more.

SOMEBODY NOTICED! I was helping someone move, pulled off the sweatshirt, working in a teeshirt, saw a couple of people looking at me funny. Later one of them came over and asked - have you lost weight?

I do miss my ice cream with cool whip on it.

What helps me - Krusteaz Apple Oat Bran Low Fat Muffin Mix. Just add water. People think you homebaked something old fashioned. Tastes great and fills you up and scrubs off those fat-cell guys at least to some extent.


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OK, I spent the whole month laying around thanks to the low grade fevers. I lost 2 pounds, down to 284 from 286, not the 5 pounda I hoped for, but some smaller. I am just trying to eat more veggies and cut out some of the fats, plus I have not been doing any heavy snacking. Small things, but if I keep at it, next month maybe I will get 5 off. Onc is not pleased. but I am. :D

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Well Shoot!! If six is mealsy.. what is my miniscule three?? But.. I was injured this month and umm.. swelling ... you know, must weigh something right?? :roll: Ah well, onward and downward. Just found out I gotta have therapy and traction for my neck from the accident starting this week, hurts like heck, and also gotta have more xrays of my wrist.. they think it is acutally broke, so will a cast be put on which weighs more, kinda like Ry's weights.. hehe.

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Any of you tried the negative calories in fruits and


Called that way, because to digest them takes more

calories than they give you and you lose weight and

still have a full meal.

Let me know and I will give the list.

Hugs to all


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Six pounds is not measley! You just need a better perspective. Picture a pound of hamburger, now picuture six of those packages around your hips...thats what's gone!

When I was losing I pictured those pound butter boxes till my friend told me about the hamburger.....when you think of it that way even one pound makes a difference.

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Becky and anybody interested.

List of foods which contains so little energy that the body

uses more energy to digest and absorb the nutrients,

resulting in a loss of calories that is necessary to lose


It is also heathier and much better for the health.








Grapefruit---Guava**---Honeydew Melon---Lemon**---Mandarine



Those with ** are the most effective.

The vegetables could be steamed (many together) and a sauce

(low calories) added for taste.

Or they could be stir fry, watch the oil you use.

Also make good salads, watch the sauce once more.

Cole slaw is ok, no cream with it, oil and vinegar, please.

The fruits could be eaten as or in their natural juice.





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Ry--I love the hamburger analogy. :D

Andrea--6 pounds in NOTHING to sneeze at!!! Geeez!

J.C.--Thanks for the list.

Margaret, tnmynatt, and kim--7.5, 9, and 10 pounds, respectively, is GREAT progress. My hat is off to all of you!

Peggy, WinsorCat, and Ginny--WOW!!! Congratulations :!::!::!:

I've been too scared/tired/busy (yeah, yeah--I'm with Ry: "That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it") to get on a scale.

I FEEL larger--but some of my clothes are looser. My calves must be smaller, because my fall boots (the ones that zip to the knee) are looser. My waist is smaller, but my hips/thights seem to be on a different program (aren't they always? :? ). I can see my breastbone and upper ribs again when I brush my teeth (which I didn't even know could be SEEN until 2001 :!: ). Strangely enough, I think my bum is shrinking without the cooperation of my hips/thighs (how wierd is that?). I can feel the pelvic bone in my rear-end--and it is uncomfortable to sleep/sit in some positions for long periods of time. I never thought I'd miss THAT padding!!! :lol: I think it has relocated to rhe netrenched areas on my hips/thighs...

In short--I gained 1.5/2 dress sizes this past year and seem to have lost 1.5 again (except in pants, where my hips/thighs rebel). Lord knows what that means in pounds. It does mean that many of my pants don't fit me (at least the flattering/non-frumpy ones). Grrrr.

I was eating really well until about 3 weeks ago (Brown rice, beans, broccoli, carrots for dinner; shredded bran & wheat for breakfast; a lean turkey sandwich with a slice of Provalone on 9 grain or organic lentil soup for lunch; and salads and water galore)...

Then I fell apart. (I ate an entire roll of Nestle's chocolate chip batter BY MYSELF in the course of one week; started eating puddings (organic but still full of sugar and fat!); etc. It was REALLY bad. I don't usually even have those things in the house. :shock: I was like a zombie in the supermarket. ) So--I'm trying to get myself back on track. I was gaining the weight Geoff was losing (he wasn't eating).

Maybe they have a scale at the hospice I can force myself on tomorrow. Eekkk! (I really hate scales--they just make me LOATHE myself.)

My only excercise has been needlepointing at the hospice. Bad--I know, I know... (My excuse--my back is still bothering me. I know, I know...)

You all have inspired me--I will try to do better.


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  • 4 weeks later...

This is just a little late mid-month pep talk. Next Monday I'll start the "reporting in" Nov. 1 thread, but for now thought I'd pass on a 300 calorie healthy lunch/dinner idea. By the way, I'm not breaking any records this month, only down 3 pounds since Oct. 1, but I still consider that a HUGE success, especially since I've eaten not-such-good stuff on several occasions. :) I'll give the total loss so far next Monday.

Ok, here's a good recipe that I made up that I was very good and very filling, only about 300 calories:

1 lb. ground Jennie-O turkey, scramble-cook in just a little oil w/two teaspoons of chopped onion, plus 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1 tablespoon Mrs. Dash seasoning. Drain and add 1/2 the turkey to a microwave bowl. Add 1/2 can chopped, cooked spinach. Mix together. Add 1 carton Egg Scramblers (thawed). Mix together. Microwave for 1 minute and stir. Microwave for 1 more minute and stir. Microwave for 1 more minute. Save the remaining turkey & spinach for tomorrow.

What I liked about this is that it really tasted good and was very filling.

See you all next Monday. There's still time to lose 1 or 2 lbs. before then, so GET GOING AND GET SMALLER!!!!



P.S. I have lost enough that I gave all my extra-fat clothes to Wheeler Mission today. Hopefully, in a couple more months, I can give them all my regular-fat clothes, and then a couple more months, all my medium clothes, and have a closet with only SMALLER clothes!! Also, I've gone from the 2nd notch on my belt to the 4th notch! THIS IS SO FUN!!!!

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A very late response -- I've managed to lose about 12 pounds since September 1st but I'm really stuck now -- not going up but definitely not going down either. Yes, I cheat -- far too much. Eat healthily for most of the day but always manage, somehow, to go off the track -- too much cheese, an extra glass of wine, a sudden impulse, poorly resisted, for one of the cookies I keep in the house for Len. And we all know what happens when you eat one. Oh, well. Maybe November will be better.

I too am going to Curves but I've been bad about that too for the past two weeks. Driving 25 minutes to the Cancer Centre every day for radiation, then back uses up my time -- and I'm behind in everything, including work. Curves doesn't even enter into the picture. Maybe tomorrow -- Len CAN do it by himself but he doesn't want to, likes the company. But I've got to start doing something....

There again, maybe November will be better on the exercise front as well.

Depressingly yours,


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Well, you're all doing so much better than I am. Andrea, your 6 measly pounds is 8 more than I've lost! (I've gained 2.) But like Ry said, muscle weighs more than fat, and that MUST be it, since I've been working out once a week whether I need it or not. :lol:

I took a "class" by phone last night -- a free thing from a motivational coach -- on changing one habit. (I said, "Do I have to pick just one?" She said yes.) So I picked exercise. By the end of the class I had committed to exercising 4 days a week. We shall see. That'll be the key for me. I lost 15 pounds over the past year, but then stalled. I keep going up and down these 2 pounds, and currently I'm up. :oops:

I'm hoping you'll all help hold me accountable for my "4 days a week" of exercise. I need all the nagging I can get.


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