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For all you caregivers/family members who feel so helpless in this fight, here is a link to upcoming bone marrow drives in different areas. It is not for LC of course, but it is for cancer :) Testing is noninvasive, a simple cotton swab of your cheek.

If you check out the website you will see that donating bone marrow ifyou are a match is not as big of a deal as it used to be; the procedure if you are a match is virtually painless and no hospitalization or anything.

You may also notice that the website is for a Jewish organization, but you don't have to be Jewish to show up at any of the testing locations. All religions and races are welcome (I saw just how welcome at the one here in Beverly Hills recently). And the COOL thing is that you are entered into a WORLD WIDE database. So while you may not likelybe a match for that particular drive unless you have a simlar ancestry, you can be a match for anyone on the list world wide!!!

Also, it is free to get tested and I found out from my friend who worked at the Beverly Hills one that it costed $80 for each test!!!!! Gift for life tests you for free.

It is almost a selfish thing to do b/c you get tested and you feel good knowing you made an effort to save a life. And then afterwards you feel guilty for being proud of yourself and then even further aferwards you are angry at yourself for being so naive about not thinking about doing it earlier :)

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