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It was even better than I had hoped. I changed on campus, and stopped by my classmates' office to make sure I hadn't left any tags on anything or put anything on inside out. And so given assurance that I cleaned up pretty nice and was ready to head out, I picked her up precisely at 6. Okay, I got there 15 minutes early, but I sat in the car around the street from her for 15 minutes. There was no way she was going to be on time; she is, after all, a girl, and she had to wait for Aaron to pick up the kids after work so she could get ready. But, being a girl, she was well worth waiting for. She met me at the door with her hair in curlers but wearing her promised black dress. Exceedingly classy, with a high neckline but sleeveless, down to her knees and just spectacular. That pounding you heard at 6:01 CST was my heart just a thumping.

It took her another ten minutes or so to get ready. Which was a great time for me; I sat in the living room and just relaxed. With all the anticipation and the quasi-stalking behavior of the day, I was worried that I had put too many expectations on the day and that it couldn't live up to them. And so that ten minutes gave me a chance to relax and realize that the die was cast, so to speak. I almost fell asleep in that ten minutes, which was a good sign for the whole relaxing business.

She was grateful for the little presents showered upon her during the day. I explained that I had to go to class, and I had to study, and I couldn't pick her up until 6, but I wanted her to know that this was her day. The flowers, by the way, were just beautiful. The florist did a fabulous job; I couldn't believe he could make any money selling me the arrangement he did for the price he did, but I am not going to complain about that. And so she planted the first of the evenings kisses on me. I had thought about getting her a corsage to have a flower with her, but I am glad I didn't. What flower wouldn't look wilted juxtaposed by her radiance? (Yes, I am that cheesy)

So we headed off to dinner. The restaurant is very nice. If you are ever in a town with a PF Changs, go. No two ways about it. That being said, this was the worst part of the night. There were tons of people there, and it was much louder than the last time I had been there. Of course, Friday at 6:30 is very different than Wednesday at 2. But the waiter was very nice. He did give Alisa the twice-over and then look at me like what is this beauty doing with a goofball like you? I gave him a shrug. We had a very nice Merlot with dinner, and I had mango chicken. It was very nicely spiced and it was stir-fried rather than breaded, which just is the way to go for all sorts of reasons. But it was loud, making it hard to talk, and we were at a table for six, which was weird and made it less than intimate. But dinner was great; those are small complaints.

The concert was simply amazing. It was called the Elder Statesmen of Jazz concert, and it featured four performers who have been professional jazz men for over 250 years combined. The youngest was 79. James Moosy on the sax; Terry Gibbs on the vibraphone (basically a huge xylophone); Jon Hendricks on vocals and Clark Terry on trumpet. Clark had to be helped in because he could not walk across the stage anymore, and almost needed help crossing his legs, but put a trumpet to his lips and he can play like nobody's business. It was absolutely spectacular. The scat singing was so impressive, and there is nothing quite like watching an 83 year old break out with some hip hop. The guys were all funny and just fabulous showmen. The concert was almost 3.5 hours long. Alisa was totally into it, especially the scat singing. Jon and Clark in particular had spectacular scat songs that were just hysterical. It was so much fun.

The only bad part was that it ended, and so late, so that we were pretty exhausted. So we made it back to the car and had a nice drive back to her place. I walked her to the door and got a couple more smooches. I could have kissed her until dawn, but she was tired and the kids will be back at nine in the morning, so she needed her rest.

A fabulous time all the way around. I guess I look at it this way; Alisa is for me very much like the sabbath. A place of rest and relaxation, enjoyment of meaningful things. Tonight was more like Easter Sunday than a regular ole sabbath, and that is great. But we can't have Easter every week, and it will be nice to have a few regular ole sabbath times together in the next couple of weeks.

And now that my heart has stopped beating quite so hard, maybe I can sleep. Have a great weekend everyone!


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