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Summaries of some Tobacco litigation in US.


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While some of accused me of "blaming" tobacco companies for my addiction, I still believe that I believe in a shared responsibility. Here is a link to those of you so inclined to not only become literate in medical jargon but in legal jargon as well :? .

I hope the link works because I had to sign in to get access.

For those who don't want to wade through them all, I will point you to a couple cases I found interesting as to the fraud tobacco companies have been accused and/or found guilty of:

Williams v Philip Morris Incorporated (focus on hiding information, messing with nicotine levels, and promoting a false sense of security)

SHARON PRICE and MICHAEL FRUTH v Philip Morris Inc (focus on the promtion of "light and low tar cig as safer, when in fact they seem to be more dangerous--is this why women are more susceptible to LC?)


PS It looks like the link won't work so you will have to go to the home page and register--and then do a search of US litigation. It's a short process and easy to do. If you have trouble, let me know and I will try another way in for you.


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