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Update on Richard!


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Dear All, The week ended much better than it began.l Richard has had his port put in, very successfully I might add. His nausea and diarrhea are under control and he gained 2 pounds this week (I think thanks to Krispy Kream doughnuts which he has been craving!) Our oncologist has helped so much with infusions of saline (2 liters a day for three days) and new anti-nausea drugs. I think I am improving on deciding what drugs to give him to keep the stomach in line. Friday we had the 1st chemo of the 2nd round, and in two weeks we will have more scans to see how he is doing. Keep praying for him! He does feel so good now, and my heart is soaring!


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this is the same chemo regimen my husband is on now for his recurrence. He doesn't have much problem with stomach stuff, but the cisplatin is killer for that. did the oncologist office tell you about the magic immodium? Take two when the Big D starts, and two more in two hours. Take one after that for each recurrence. Don't go by the package directions, for chemo patients you can take a whole lot more.

Keep on with the Krispy Kremes, this is no time to be worrying about health food - that's for later, when he's in remission!

Hang in there and God Bless!


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