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blonde paint - rated r


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Did you hear they invented a blonde paint? Not very bright, but it does spread easily.

We went to visit my cousins in College Station yesterday and went to the KSU- A&M football game. One of my cousins is taking a self-defense class, which of course prompted one of my brothers to attack her. And so basically, he had her wrists pinned and her writhing with just one hand. (In fairness to her, she stayed away from his man-zone; she is young, and she will learn, or she will be beaten up by her cousins for many more years.) Eventually, she struggled free enough that he just had her by the fingers. She complained, "Hey, I need those. Ow" To which point my other brother said, "Come on, man, that's the only date she has." At which point my cousin turned about 40 shades of red.


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