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Herbs and natural products: peer-reviewed info


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For your information:

Oncology Nursing Forum, a peer-reviewed journal of the Oncology Nursing Society, offers free access to its online exclusive articles. In the September 2004 issue, there is an article about natural remedies known to aggravate or cause cancer. In July, there was an article about remedies known to inhibit cancer growth.

Index to the free articles is here: http://www.ons.org/publications/journal ... ives.shtml

As the articles state, this information is not meant as a recommendation to use any product, and doing so could be quite dangerous, even lethal. Nonetheless, I think access to reliable information is important to those who are seeking nontraditional therapy. Hope you agree.

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I found these articles very interesting. I have a question for anyone that may have some insight though.... this article states Vitamins C and E may increase cancer growth or chance of recurrence. I have read in other places that these are recommended to take and may actually help the chemo work and help with side effects. I'd appreciate any thoughts, insight or opinions anyone may have. Thanks.

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Hi Jackson

Welcome to the frustrating world of alternative and complementary medicine!! Unfortunately there are no easy answers - just about every supplement you can take has had controversial results - some studies supporting its use and some warning against it.

All you can really do is research, research, research...with an open, yet critical mind. Try to stick to reputable scientific sources that have conducted proper clinical trials, and then weigh up the pros and cons before making your decision. This forum is a great place to bounce ideas around, so come back often to ask questions or verify your thinking.

All the best.


PS - Mum is taking both vitamin C and E, as well as a range of other supplements. She is 15 months post-diagnosis of stage IV and, although there has been some disease progression, she remains pretty much symptom free and has handled her chemo brilliantly!

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Thank you Karen for your response and that's great your Mom is doing so well! My Mom was taking vitamin C and E, and after reading this post a few weeks ago I had her stop taking it. Since then I've read that they are both beneficial. It's so hard to know what's right and I'd hate to have her taking something that could make the chemo less effective. Thanks for your feedback. If you get a chance I'd be interested to know what other supplements your Mom is taking.

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