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MRIs Tomorrow....

Fay A.

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Tomorrow morning I will have the MRIs of my head and spine. I'm asking for prayers, good wishes, good vibes, dances for good health by all manner of Shamans (or is that Shamii?)....Whatever it takes for the docs to learn what is causing the the symptoms and for the problems to be (successfully) treatable.

Yeah, I know.....I don't want much, do I? :wink:

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I'm dancin' and vibin' and wishin' and prayin' here, on your behalf.....(and starting to feel like Dusty Springfield! :D )

It's okay to ask for a lot when it comes to tests and treatments, Fay. Hoping you get answers AND are easily treatable. I'll have my head in the MRI machine tomorrow too and I hope we BOTH come up empty headed! :wink:

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Fay....I wear a large, tri-colored crucifix around my neck every day since I was kissed by the 'cancer troll'. I often find myself holding onto it and mumbling little prayers. Tonight's mumblings are totally yours Fay. Your test results will feel the strength of some "heavy heavenly hitters" right here on this board. We're all behind you....just like you've always been behind us. And yes...some of us DO dance....and the dancers brag about it too....so you know we'll hear about them. Good luck tomorrow my friend....I'll have you at the top of my list all day long.

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