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Fourth Round of Radiation ?


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Just looking for opinions on if more radiation should be encouraged -

A brief summary:

Patient is 79 years old with NSCLC, diagnosed April 2004.

15 treatments to lung, reduced tumor size.

10 treatments to leg tumor, broke femur about a week later.

Bone specialists did surgery on the femur and four days later operated again and reinforced both tibia.

10 more treatments to head, reduced skull met - this was the only lesion in the head area.

Now, there are tumors in the spine and left leg.

Radiation oncologist is offering more radiation for pain relief.

It is painful and difficult to get on and off the table.

Pain medication (Oxycontin & Vicodin combination) alleviates pain at this time.

Chemo was not successful - currently on Iressa.

So, the question again is, should more radiation be encouraged?

Thank you for your time.

I wish you all courage in the battle.

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Hi, Ven. I think you have to answer that question for yourself. Lucie's onc team (med. onc. and rad. onc.) did radiation on her bone mets if there was severe pain not controlled by meds, or if the bone integrity was threatened. Of course, in her case, chemo worked for her, so she had an alternate way to shrink the tumors. You need to choose what you see as best for you. Once a place is irradiated, it usually cannot be irradiated again. Good luck. Don

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I posted to you when you first asked this and think the computer ate it :(

I'll try again. Certainly this is a decision you will have to make yourself, but don't let age be the big determiner. There have been recent studies showing that older patients can and do benefit from serious treatment. Consider all the other factors and go from there. Good luck!

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