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Men And Women At ATM Machine

Frank Lamb

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Pull up to ATM

Insert card

Enter PIN number and account

Take cash, card and receipt



Pull up to ATM

Check makeup in rearview mirror

Shut off engine

Put keys in purse

Get out of car b/c you're too far from machine

Hunt for card in purse

Insert card

Hunt in purse for tampon wrapper with PIN number written on it

Enter PIN number

Study instructions for at least 2 minutes.

Hit "cancel"

Re-enter correct PIN number

Check balance

Look for envelope

Look in purse for pen

Make out deposit slip

Endorse checks

Make deposit

Study instructions

Make cash withdrawal

Get in car

Check makeup

Look for keys

Start car

Check makeup

Start pulling away


Back up to machine

Get out of car

Take card and receipt

Get back in car

Put card in wallet

Put receipt in checkbook

Enter deposits and withdrawals in checkbook

Clear area in purse for wallet and checkbook

Check makeup

Put car in gear, reverse

Put car in drive

Drive away from machine

Travel 3 miles

Release parking brake

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