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Got me a new boyfriend, and his name is....


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......NED! :D

The radiologist actually had to ask my onc where the cancer had been, as all that was left was a bit of linear scarring :!:

I asked my onc's permission to get drunk...telling him it really didn't matter whether or not he GAVE his permission. :wink: As I type this, I'm having the uncharacteristic early cocktail...and plan to have more! :roll:8)

I'm holding good thoughts for everyone else awaiting test results!! Hope they're as good as mine are.

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Addie, that is just THE BEST of news! I am so very happy for you!

This week, I've felt better than I have in months. I told my sister that when I start making rounds to doctors appointments next week, I'm sure they will want to find something to do so that I don't continue to feel that good, ha!

Seriously, I think you are just a bit ahead of me and we are entering what I see as a really scary part of all this -- at least at first -- the having tests and waiting part. Fortunately, I found this site and the words and experiences of others have given me some advance mental preparation for this, so I think we'll make it through just about anything, don't you?

I've been checking in here periodically all day in hopes that you would have an update with exactly this kind of good news!!! YAY!!

Have a drink for me too, and ENJOY THIS LIFE THINGIE!!!

Di :D

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All the girls want NED! Reminds me of Junior High when all the boys wanted the same girl!

Even the boys want NED! Which in a way, is another kind of way at looking at junior high.

I bet you were too happy to even care about old what's his name--doom and gloom!

Good for you!!!!

May NED and you have a life long committment!


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Thanks to everyone for sharing in this great news. What a day this has been....and it's also the 5 month anniversary of when I quit smoking AND of my biopsy!

Dr. Doom and Gloom was about as happy as I was today...and I DID mention to him how he shot the air out of my tires last time I saw him. I'm still convinced he must have just had a bad day...but today, just before we left...he gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and seemed genuinely happy with the scan results! :)

So...all is forgiven...because the man played a major role in getting me to this point!

I'd love it if NED visited everyone here...and stayed for a while....a long, long while! So I'm holding that thought...and looking forward to toasting some other celebrations here of those who are hanging out with NED. Soon as I get over the hangover I'm apt to have tomorrow...I'll be good to go for any toasts! :roll::wink:

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