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labored breathing post-surgery


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I had surgery 4 weeks ago. Right upper lung removed. Also, trachea/windpipe had tumor so they removed it and put a 'sleeve' on it. At times my breathing is clear and strong and at other times it is wheezy, tight, and "bubbly". I can't seem to pinpoint a reason why. It happens during the day and especially when i've been lying down. I still use the spirometer couple times a day. Is this just the way it is now? Other people notice it as well, you can hear the 'wheeze'. Also, when I'm on the phone I really notice it, I can't talk as much (husband is laughing now) in one breath. I guess shortness of breath is what i'm describing as far as the phone goes. Anybody familiar with this?

Also, i go in Monday to have port put in.

Chemo begins the next week.

Love to all-----


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I didn't have surgery to remove any of my lung but I did have a thoracotomy to get a biopsy, etc. I still do have the SOB and gurgles - they kinda come and go. I also still do the incentive spirometry even though it's been close to a year now. No one told me to do this - but I figure it can't hurt. I also use an albuterol inhaler 2-3 times per day although it doesn't seem to do much.

You'll be sooo glad you have a port for blood draws and for the chemo.

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I recall that after my lobectomy (Right upper lobe as well), I had "wheezing" for quite a while. I noticed that it was most prominent after a warm/hot shower for some reason. I stayed at my mom's house for about a month after surgery, and she used to laugh at me when I would come out of the shower each morning. I also seem to recall that it lasted a LONG time (a few months). At random times, when I would inhale a deep breath, I would get a lovely wheez that sounded like a symphony......

You've had some major stuff going on in there, give it time to heal....but if it is making you nervous, just run it by your doctor.

Good luck with chemo!

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I am 8 weeks post surgery now and I have developed an inspiratory wheeze almost every day. It gets much worse when I lie down, and I find it is difficult to breathe. I had to buy an adjustamatic bed and now sleep in a sitting position every night, expensive but it has really helped me a lot.

I saw my surgeon for my first check up last Tues, mentioned the wheeze and he assured me that it was nothing he had done that had caused it. He did admit though that he had broken two of my ribs which so far have not healed!

My surgeon advised that I inhale steam on a regular basis, perhaps with the addition of Olbas Oil to help clear my chest.

I hope this helps.

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