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Prayers Please

Nancy B

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Two down, one to go. The ct scan and brain mri show ned. I can't even tell you how relieved I am. Don't have the PET results yet but I just feel it has to be good news. Looks like I will start PCI sometime next week but won't know for sure till I meet with the radiation doc on Monday.

Thanks again to all of you for your many prayers and replys. Looks like life might be getting back to "normal" soon. Thanks Addie for sharing NED.

Love you guys,

Nancy B

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I'm SO happy for you, Nancy...and more than happy to share ol' Ned! I trust you are feeling good...huh? That was sort of a clue to me that results would be good...because I felt good!

Now...let's just keep it that way, eh? 8) Great, great news....I'm really thrilled for you!

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Wow, Nancy -- fantastic news! I'm sure you're feeling like more than a million dollars about now!

I'm so glad for you, and agree with you that the PET results just have to be good too.

Good luck with the PCI -- I think I may be starting it soon myself, so we can share positive thoughts about it!

(I've been telling everyone around here that I'm anxious to start the PCI so that in case I grow a 2nd head from the radiation, it will happen before Halloween.) :lol:


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GREAT news on those scans! Wa-hoooooo!!

When going in for tests involving IVs again, request a nurse to set the IV. Tell the techs they have one stick and if they can't find a vein, they need to find someone more qualified to find it...

My scans just after Christmas last year involved one cocky tech who blew a big vein in the crook of my right arm and then called tech #2 (not the nurse I requested). Tech #2 blew a vein on my hand below my pinky (AND managed to hit a nerve) and then blew the vein the the crook of my left arm. A nurse was finally called, after the BIG veins were a no-go. She hit me once in the left forearm (and missed) and then finally set the IV in my left hand (I had asked them to avoid the left hand because I had my gall bladder out the week before and my hand was pretty bruised). Had band-aids and that colored stretch tape to put my tie-dyed shirt to shame!

Nurses who "fish" for veins aren't as sadistic as the techs...and I have my favorite nurses, too! :wink:

Wishing you luck,


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