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That one last scan...trouble?


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I guess if one goes looking for trouble, one sometimes finds it. I asked for one last MRI/spine because I was suspicious of the severe back pain that Ive had for 16 yrs., but it is right in the thoracic region, near the lungs, thus the possiblility of bone metastises. Sure nuff, it turned up a small lesion of unkown type on the spine. Onc. says it dont show up on the previous PET scan, so dunno what it is yet...so Im off to the Orthopedic specs. for opinion/investigation.

Meanwhile; chemo being delayed yet again pending opinion from ortho guys. Onc. doesnt want to wait much longer tho, he said.

I assume there may be more scans needed, maybe biopsy, maybe surgery..? If it comes to that, I may go for it, ask them to try to eliminate the pain while in there....heck, Im laid up for rest of year anyway from the Pneumonectomy...might as well, get it over with while were into all this...sigh...dread more surgery, but...

Some good from the appt. tho...Onc. gave me Oxycodone for the combined pain of surgery and back pain...(kind of silently agreeing that the surgeon cut me off too soon....) Much better, relief from that constant , depressing hurting, and I can walk 3 times further than I hobbled with the pain...THANX ONC. hehe

Good luck to all and hang in there...Rich

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Rich---hopefully it is nothing--

and honestly, I just do not trust how they read these pictures sometimes---I seem to have moving cancer--(it is not really cancer, just shows up on some scans, disappears, and shows up elsewhere, then disappears etc. ) I think we all have these spots in our bodies, but unless people get scanned, these spots live happily ever after in our bodies with no one the wiser---so please try not to worry too much until it is checked out further---

I really hope it is nothing and everything is fine and you can continue on with your treatment immediately.


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Hey Rich,

I think the odds are really good that this area is an old injury, inflammation, or something like that. We all have stuff going on inside our bodies from just living life that would never, ever have been discovered had we not had cancer, and then our whole body is under a microscope.

A while back I saw some interesting posts on adrenal masses, and if I remember correctly, about 40% of people have benign cysts, masses, whatever on their adrenal gland. It just becomes a big deal, or at least something that needs to be verified when it's seen on a person who has had cancer.

I'm glad you're getting relief from pain, but, I am thinking, and of course hoping for the best for you, that this is just an old injury.


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Thanx all, for the good wishes...Ill find out what the ortho guys think next week...if nothing, Ill get back to starting chemo. If they want to biopsy or explore, I might just go for surgery, try to fix that back pain, if we gotta get in there anyway..dread more surg., but 16 yrs of pain could use some relief....dunno..we'll see what happens next, all we can do.

Yea, Cat; the oxycodone does raise the mood level ...but I needed that, pain was really depressing. First time Ive been nearly pain free since 1988...sheesh...feels good. Makes me long for a permanent fix, fuse vertebrae or nerve block..somethin...

Anyway, thanx for listening and good wishes...cya next week or so.

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