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My first legitimate hall pass, please


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Okay, I am a little late in asking since I am leaving in an hour, but I am going on a 'girl's weekend'. My daughters and my nieces are flying in from all over the country for a weekend at 'White Tail' resort in south central PA.

Since we have had such a sad last few months we plan to shop, drink, cry, shop, drink, cry, shop, drink, cry and eat.

Be good while I am away. No bad news when I come back.

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Oh my favorite things, eating, shopping and drinking! Drinking prior to shopping is not a good thing, you come home with some weird stuff..

Ok I grant your pass, spend lots of money. Take the pass shaped like a shopping bag.


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Ginny, enjoy! I know it will be great and help tremendously with the healing.

My husband died a year ago Sept. 1 and at the beginning of April, ALL 4 of my sisters surprised me by flying out from Maryland and stayed 9 days. It wasn't a surprise visit -- I was just surprised that they could all get away at the same time. It was a wonderful time -- we told old childhood stories, some of which the two youngest were hearing for the first time -- and we just ate whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, shopped, and talked, talked, talked.

Have fun!

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You've earned this time away to shop, drink, cry and eat!! I'm just going to hope that you all do more shopping, drinking and eating than that other option. :wink: But it sounds like the weekend will refresh your soul. "Girlfriends" do that for us, don't they....even if they are also relatives?

Have a wonderful time, Ginny....and if you come back with any major shopping or bargain coups, we'll of course need to see pictures...ok?

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