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wrong info on my dad's death certificate


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How mad am i about this, got this probate thing thru the mail regarding my dad's death, will etc from the lawyer handling it since anyone named on the will gets one. well, they included the death certificate it is wrong! i swear jesus nothing goes right it says acute respiratory arrest, head and neck cancer....ummmmm that is not what he died of?? he had mouth and throat cancer 10 years ago??? the doctor at Salem technically NEVER met my dad since he was only there not even 24 hours and it was the holiday weekend and he was in a rush to sign it cause they held my dad body for 2 days and we were furious casue they made us call the funeral home at 2 am to arrnage his pick up at 9, so he is an idiot and probably looked at the wrong history *ss. I have to call him now cause i called Salem hospital and the lady was like NO you are right that is a legal document not to mention your family medical history it HAS to be right. I swear!!!! oh and the kicker he is now out til tuesday??? so crazy!!

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