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Weird but cancer related


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Has anyone had or know anyone had any experience with Dragonspeaker. It's pricey which is worriesome but if it works............ you talk into this thing and it types on computer.

thanks for any help. i will go back to onc to discusss typing problem but am very confused and scared(insert bad word) at present and don't want to talk about it. thankyou.


Artist formerly known as Cat

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I had a student with a learning disability. The state was supposed to get him one of these devices (don't know if it is the exact same as what you are talking about). He went and tried one out, and it worked for him!

Unforutunately, the state didn't come through in time for the semester end. So I never really saw what he was able to do with his.

He, however, swore it worked!


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My son has a vision impairment and he has used a few different types of these devises. I am not familiar with Dragonslayer, but the ones he has used most definetly work and are quite neat, and yes quite expensive.

We were always able to get his thru the commision for the blind since he had a disability and it really made his school work much easier.


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I worked for a doctor who used Dragonspeaker. It was much easier than trying word for word dictation from his tapes, left just proof-reading instead of the entire typing of the document. Maybe you could pick up a used "copy" somewhere to give it a whirl?

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I have used Via Voice by IBM. It is pretty good. It takes a while to learn how to talk. You have to pause the right way. I bought it for my father in-law and I don't think he uses it anymore because it works but it is a little bit cumbersome.

Certain words like save, etc may cause the computer to do a command instead of write the word. So there are special ways to say certain words so the computer knows whether is a command like "Send email" versus writing "send email"

Computers don't do well with ambiguity.

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It came with my digital recorder that I got last year for Christmas. It's official name is Dragon Naturally Speaking. It is voice recognition software. Old versions were not very good; they were rife with errors, but new ones are better. You have to "train" it to recognize your voice, and this may require reading for 20-30 minutes from a preprinted script that comes with the software. It may "learn" your voice in less time, though. They offer different scripts for different types of speech - simple, scientific, complicated, etc. I learned it cannot deal w/ more than one speaker, so you can't record conversations or interviews, but it works reasonably well, I hear, for single-person dictation.

Here is one review of it: http://reviews-zdnet.com.com/4505-3514_ ... egacy=cnet

Sounds like it could be good for people who have trouble typing and need to access online support groups, etc. Good luck, Cat.

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