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For the pet lovers, 7 year old needs some prayers


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If you have a free second, and I know there are more important issues and that people with real issues need prayers tonight, but if you have any extra, can you please say a prayer for my son?

We bought him a new puppy (tiny toy fox terrier, 2 lbs.) for his 7th birthday a month ago...(we gave it to him a early)

anyway, we found the puppy tonight floating in the pool. :cry:

It is an above-ground pool----so we know that someone had to put the puppy in there. :evil:

We are heartbroken, and disgusted that a neighbor or kid or whoever would do such a thing. My son is devestated and won't stop crying.

It's going to take time. First thing Hunter said was, inbetween sobs,

"Do you think now grandpa can play with my puppy", "Glad I took a picture of the puppy before it died"... and "WHY?"

Broke my heart too. :cry:

Now he is afraid of whoever out there that can do such an evil thing.

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Oh Katie, so sorry to hear about your son's puppy. I hope it helps Hunter to think that his Grandpa and his puppy are together (I really believe they are). My heart is just breaking for you guys - I am so close to my Mollie (8 yr. old lab), I can't even imagine losing her. Lots of hugs and prayers for you guys.


Nancy B

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I feel so much for Hunter. Kids and pets go together. We teach them to love and be kind to their pets and then something like this happens. I am so sorry. I have a little shihtzu who is 10 1/2 and I can certainly understand loving an animal. Give him a hug from me ok?


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That's about the most horrible thing I've heard. I have no kindness or forgiveness in me for those who harm vulnerable beings - Hunter and the puppy.

Hunter, the wee puppy spirit is now being hugged by your Grandfather. He is a little sad because you are so hurt but he is happy to be with Grandpa and hopes you know this. He is a very good puppy. He says he forgives the person that put him in the pool. I am so sorry that you are hurting. Do you think there's a brother or a cousin or sister of the puppy out there that needs you? I think so.


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thanks for your prayers everyone. It was a sad night. Today, we move on. Have to bury the puppy and have a "funeral".

Hunter also has a soccer game today and we plan on giving him his other birthday present (a new bike) early to keep his mind off lossing his puppy and focused on other things, happier things.

Much love everyone. thanks for the shoulder.

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My prayers go out to Hunter too. I'm so sad for him and the puppy. I just can't imagine people abusing/killing poor innocent creatures. Then if they find the abusers, they usually "get off" with little penalty, but that's another story. I think it's wonderful for kids to have animals and hopefully, in time, Hunter will get another puppy to love. IN the meantime, ((((Hunter)))).

Gail P-M (mother to 2 dogs and 2 cats)

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oh katie,

that just makes me sick to my stomach...there is certainly no excuse for that. i don't even know where to begin. i'm so sorry to hear about hunter's puppy. i know how special a dog can be. he/she is another member of the family, and your request for prayers is certainly warranted. you, hunter and rick are in my heartfelt prayers.

God bless,


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Oh Katie,

I am so sorry, my heart goes out to Hunter. Prayers for him and I just don't understand how people can be so cruel. I am such an animal lover and it just breaks my heart to hear this sad news and also the fact that Hunter has been hurt mentally and emotionally by such an uncaring person. May the pain in his little heart be taken away and his feelings be renewed. Special prayers for a sad little fellow. Hope his new bike helps to ease his pain...

God Bless,


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