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I had asked about support groups under the caregiver category and tnmynatt

responded with a referral to a couple of groups. One of them was ALCASE and in looking over their sight, I found a petition to urge more funding for lung cancer research. I signed and submitted it. I urge everyone on this board to go the location listed below and sign the petition. If this has been posted before, I apologize, but I've been on here since March and haven't noticed it. If you think it needs to be posted in other groups (and it's not against the rules), let's do it. I'm very supportive of breast cancer research (my sister had breast cancer) and I know that any kind of cancer research can benefit other cancer groups, but I'm appalled at the lack of support for lung cancer patients and their families. And the guilt trip for people who have it - like they don't have enough to deal with! Url is below.



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