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  1. COPD and Lung Biopsies

    I was diagnosed with COPD (severe emphysema) in 2014. Had a routine CT scan done 11/26/17 where a 9mm left apical speculated nodule was seen. PET/CT recommended. PET impression read, solitary speculated left apical nodule is hypermetabolic and likely malignant. Tissue diagnosis recommended. I was given the PET results at the end of the year and due to an insurance change had to find a new pulmonologist to order the biopsy. I am scheduled to see him on the 20th and the waiting is driving me mad. I have been researching types of biopsies and there is very little I could find about the additional risk due to having COPD. Not sure which type would be best for me. Also, are the scan results positive it is cancer and the biopsy is for identifying and staging purposes? Hoping someone can give me some guidance. I am pretty scared.