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  1. 3 hours ago, Irwin1 said:

    Wow. Your story is so close to mine..I was sent to the ER and ended up with pneumonia and that's when they found the mass on my lung. A mass is oversized nodule.

       I feel for you with the extra illnesses that you have to deal with. I have some extra stuff besides the mass. I'm dealing with an anxiety disorder I had all my life. I am dealing with this threat of LC. If it helps I know that the treatment can be rough with side effects. So I try to celebrate each day that I'm not nausea and I am not feeling weak. 

       I do have terrible muscle pain in my calves and legs. Actually it's my whole body. But I know from my college days that when I had finals I got a lot of these muscle aches from the stress and adrenaline that was being released. I am not saying that you have this. But the anxiety and adrenaline can have a huge affect on the body.

          I am happy that the doctor didn't tell you anything that was totally terrible. That is always reason for celebrating.

       Hope you can keep getting that good news. Actually good news 👍 is really great news.!!!!


    I do have major depressive disorder and PTSD (I witnessed an accident that claimed my 5 year old daughter's life) and am constantly in "fight or flight" mode & it's terrible.  I like to think I've been superbly stoic and "in control" when I know now in reality, I can "fake it til I make it" all I want, my mind and body, however, takes the beatings.  I know suppressing emotions over the years has directly contributed now to my migraines, high blood pressure and now, Fibromyalgia.  I have been in various therapies and twice hospitalized for the PTSD.

    I get horrible "Charlie Horses" in the weirdest of places--the back of my upper thighs.  Omg--those HURT.  I do find they have lessened in intensity and episodes since drinking a glass of apple cider vinegar in the morning.  I can't say I religiously do it, but if I do it 2-3 x a week, it's a good week. Not the greatest of drinks to down, and adding some honey makes it more palatable, but I do believe I've had some measurable benefits.  Give it a try if you haven't! :)

  2. 5 hours ago, Rower Michelle said:

    Hey there,

    I’m so glad you’re starting to feel a tad better and through persistence, you’re getting closer to figuring this out. 

    Fibromyalgia is real and can be difficult to treat. The meds don’t consistently work.  For insurance you may have to go through a “fail first” approach to get through the insurance requirements.  Have your doctor file an appeal anyway.  

    Many of my colleagues had this to no avail, then acupuncture worked!  Takes some investigating and a little investment with long term improvement.  

    Don’t give up- you can and will be well again! 

    Thank you, Michelle--my "trigger points" are really, really sore.  Whole body hurts, especially in the mornings. Haven't had restorative sleep for I don't know how long.  I kept chalking things up to "well, I'm over 50 now" and "well, I should shed these 40+ pounds..."  I don't know anyone (surprisingly!) that has fibro and have only heard of Fibromyalgia in passing on television.  I'm starting right off with the vitamins I know I'm chronically low on (Vit D and Potassium) and will try lavender Epsom Salts at night to see if it helps me sleep.  

    I'll keep you posted.  

  3. 2 hours ago, Tom Galli said:


    My thoughts on findings? If the follow-up CT clears you of lung cancer, I say celebrate.  Fibromyalgia is not a walk in the park but symptoms can be addressed and more importantly, it is not cancer. So...

    Stay the course.


    I agree;  I guess it's just a gut instinct kind of thing (my Mom was VERY intuitive and so am I) that something is "off" (we all know our own bodies better than anyone) and if it's the Fibromyalgia alone I am already starting to deal with that, but more than my body pain I still know my lungs aren't "right."  I've never wheezed and had shortness of breath and the reddish/pink phlegm is disconcerting.  I guess as you've said, I really kinda have to wait until August now to know more.  Until then (and even after then) I will forever be conscious of my lung health and be mindful of changes.  This pneumonia or whatever he called it, really knocked me for a loop.  I don't feel good and that's all I'm sure of right now. :(

  4. Hi all,

    Just an update from first Dr. appt following my pneumonia and subsequent lung nodules.

    Dr. said my pneumonia was most likely "atypical mycoplasma."  He didn't totally agree with Radiologist's readings and said the scan was "off" and was a bit tough to navigate to find the  said nodules.  He agreed it would be warranted to do a follow-up scan in August.

    We went over my shortness of breath, lymph node tenderness, "bone pain" and sleep/sweats issues.  He said he had a good idea of what I have and asked me to extend my arms. He just lightly touched areas around the crease of my forearms and I just about hit the roof.  He tapped a couple of places on my chest then the back of my neck.  Ouch!  His diagnosis:  Fibromyalgia.  Huh.  Of course I googled it and he was 100% spot on with that.  Prescribed Lyrica (I can't get it, pending insurance approval) and I'm already on Cymbalta for depression. 

    Wants to see me in 4 wks, with instructions to get blood work he ordered a few days before appt so we can discuss.

    Soooo... I'm still not convinced there isn't something going on but now I have this other ailment to check into (the fibromyalgia).  To make things more complex for my doc, I have Lymes as well (diagnosed 3 yrs ago).  All these overlapping symptoms!!! Ugh!!!   

    Just wanted to check in and update.  Cough is better but I do have some wheezing (which naturally I didn't have at time of Dr appt).  I'm glad he will be doing a follow-up CT and this time I'm going to my usual hospital; not that the ER near my home wasn't fine, but the hospital I usually have gone to does have more updated equipment.

    Thoughts on findings?

  5. Hi,

    Just thinking (probably too much) while awaiting the ever-so-slow return of calls about other things I've had in the past two years that nobody could quite give me answers for.

    Terrible parotid/salivary gland swellings (some were infections, others swelled and went away). Painful!!!!  Prob at least 6x in past 2 to 3 yrs.

    Vertigo.  Good grief... out of the blue, could be walking or lying in bed but wham, spin goes the room.   These episodes happen frequently (monthly, at least 1-2 times).

    Charlie Horses in strange and painful places like the back of my left thigh, especially. Not calves...thighs. Wakes me pronto when at night.

    Chronically low Vit D and potassium although I drink milk, eat yogurt, green smoothies, etc.  CRP levels always high (20s to 30s).  Best anyone came up with was I have bad knees and some sciatica. 😕

    Thanks for bearing with me...I hope to get some light shed on this coughing spree and these upper nodules soon. 🙏

  6. 3 hours ago, Rower Michelle said:

    Hi Deb-

    Yes- I think at this point we’ve all had similar experiences with the “the death stare”.  I admire your instinct to use the opportunity to educate your tennis mates. In my opinion we all have to pitch in to raise awareness and reduce the stigma. No one blinks over breast cancer anymore!  Go get ‘em on the courts! 

    I came up with an elevator pitch that’s very positive (I leave out my Stage IV part most times as that triggers the freak out meter). 

    I’d like to think I’m having an impact. Last week when I saw my PCP for the annual physical, he said they recently had an in-service to be more aggressive with imaging when a cough isn’t resolving.  

    LadyLynda- your first and only priority this week is to advocate for your pulmonary appointment. Once you’re on the pathway to wellness, we’ll gladly accept any help we can get! 

    I have to see my PCP first I found out.  I'm still awaiting a call back to see if I can get a referral asap, which to me makes sense, so my PCP and I can then discuss things further on the 20th. 

    16th day of wheezing & coughing. Ugh. The red tape begins...

  7. Hi,

    I don't even feel qualified to respond to anything yet as a newbie without even a diagnosis yet. All I can add is this site is SO welcoming and informative--I've worried so much over the years about my blood pressure, heart, weight, you know, the things we're "supposed" to be concerned with. My lungs?  Pfft...I was good, I never smoked. My grandpa smoked into his 80's with no issues. 

    How alarming to read LC is up 87% for never smokers. It's like a tornado, so indiscriminate in its path, no rhyme or reason. While I have no official diagnosis, just the thought of having multiple nodules on both lungs, spitting up blood, coughing nonstop on its 15th now, sleepless nights, ribs feel I've been stomped on, intermittent fevers (101.0 now) and just so fatigued that I can't play with my dog is beyond scary.  I've got two jobs as I see it now:  be proactive in going forward and, no matter what the diagnosis will be, become involved, because it's just the right thing to do.  I was saddened to read someone say people treat LC patients differently; feeling sorry for you if you never smoked, or thinking you deserve it if you did/do smoke.

    LC awareness needs to be just as important as heart disease, diabetes, alzheimers or any number of things (not trivializing any of them).  I'm thankful I found y'all, and I'll be around. TY ⚘

  8. 51 minutes ago, Curt said:

    Those are small nodules.  The centrilobular description isn’t a term I’ve heard used as an indication of lung cancer.  I agree with Michelle.  Given your other symptoms it’s worth pushing.  Don’t wait around for the medical world to get around to you.  Push the issue.  If it turns out to be nothing than great.  If it turns out to be something then you will have gotten a jump on it.  

    What about emphysema?  Has that been considered?  

    No mention of emphysema.  Just throwing out pneumonia, bronchitis, giving me nebulizer treatments (didn't work). After 6 hrs sent me home with antibiotics and cough syrup (didn't work). Called me back 3 days later because of a positive blood infection reading, second test negative. Discharge instructions were to follow up with primary and suggested 3 mo CT repeat.

  9. Hi...  Just an add-on from my post yesterday, about having to wait 3 weeks to see my PCP about my ER ct scan (12th day now of coughing/wheezing/shortness of breath).

    CT Synopsis:  Multifocal predominant centrilobular ground-glass pulmonary nodules bilateral most confluent posterior upper right lobes. ( 6 mm to 8 mm in sizes ).

    Greek to me but anyone with familiarity of these terms, I'd love to know if I should push my HMO for a pulmonary appt.  Standard protocol is see my PCP (3 wks) who'll then refer me if deems necessary (and then could be another few weeks or longer wait).  All I know is I'm tired of being tired, tired of coughing that hurts my ribs, tired of being winded just going to the mailbox.  My diagnosis 12 days ago was pneumonia, atypical, non-specific. 🙄

  10. I honestly felt they didn't know what to do with me.  The ER called me back as one blood culture was Negative for sepsis and one was Positive (they called the positive one a contaminated sample.😏)

    I'm not sure but I think my HMO requires my PCP to send me to any specialists. I'll definitely check tomorrow about this.  Oh, and since looking further at my reports today, I looked up a fancy term which meant Collapsed Lung. Whaaaaaat????  So...do they uncollapse by themselves???  It wasn't even mentioned to me.

  11. Hi,

    I'm Lynda.  56 yo, never smoked but parents and siblings around me did.  I was in and out of oxygen tents (?) due to recurrent bronchitis.  I'm now dealing with pneumonia, wasn't hospitalized, given z-pak 4 day antibiotics and Albuterol inhaler. 9 days later, still coughing and having bloody spit-up.  I see my pcp in 3 weeks.

    I was told I had several 6 and 7 mm nodules on both lungs and my doctor should repeat CT scan in 3 months.  My lab work showed some kidney and liver issues but "barely out of normal range."  Urinalysis showed blood.  My hips have hurt for over a year but I chalked that up to my age and weight (40 lbs overweight).  My constant fatigue was chalked up to depression (my daughter, Dad, nephew and Mom passed relatively short span).  I was in ER twice this past 9 days, O2 levels in the 70's.

    I read nodules this size are "probably nothing" but are they really?  And I was never told how many on each side. And they weren't there in 2016 when I had a chest CT after a minor car accident.  Dealing with this pneumonia is hard enough but now I'm trying to be proactive and find out what I can about these nodules.

    Is it more common to have a single one?  Is it more worrisome that both my lungs have them and the same sizes?  What should I be asking my PCP when I see him in 3 weeks for this pneumonia?  Thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated!!! 

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