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  1. Hi Snowmom, ( almost wrote snowman ).

       Stage 4 NSCC left lung , mets to femur & brain.

      16 months on Keytruda & Alimta. Off Carboplatin after 1st two months.

       64, yrs olds nonsmoker. 
      Side effects to date; thyroid issues, high & low on meds, rash, itching , dermagraphica, chemo stomach issues on off. Fatigue on off.

     Maintenance x3 weeks.  

     Femur tumor gone. Brain tumor gone. Lung tumor shrunk 75%.

     Staying positive. Now mentor with Cancer Hope Network and Lungevity.

    Praying for you !




  2. Hi D,

        I was diagnosed in Nov 2019 stage IV non small cell lung cancer. I’m on Immuno = Keytruda  and Chemo = Alimta

        All the cancer fighting drugs we take have side effects. If someone tells me them don’t have any I’m always shocked and happy for them. 
        To date her are my side effects:

        Fatigue; usually accumulative and lasts 4-5 days after infusions. What I do: sleep and rest. Can’t fight it.

         Skin rash, itchy, red, angry eczema. What I do: scratch, scratch scratch. Dermatologist said take 40 mg OTC Antihistamine. 
         OTC creams, ice to numb it, menthol gels. 

       Hypothyroidism: Can’t metabolize food correctly. Weight gain 25 lbs, ugh. What I do: Take levothyroxine to control.

      Muscle joint aches: What I do; Use personal TENS device

     Always look at the BIG picture. The drugs are prolonging our lives. If sleepy & itching are part of it, I deal with it best I can.

    You will too my fellow warrior.


  3. Fifteen months ago  a few weeks after my lung cancer diagnosis, I had a four hour surgery to remove a tumor in my femur. A 15” titanium rod was inserted in my femur to prevent breakage. On Jan 1, 2020  I awoke that morning in my private room
    . A nurse walked in and I asked “ what happened, its freezing in here,  is this the morgue? “ She laughed sheepishly noting someone set the thermostat to 63.   

      Lesson 1; it feels better to laugh and make people smile.
    As the months went on I had high dose radiation to my brain as well as as my femur. 
      A year later between chemo/immuno, surgery & radiation,  I’m thrilled I’ve been able to keep the illness from progressing with lung tumors reducing 75%.  No head or femur tumors.
    This spring I was able to tend my vegetable garden and do outside chores that I love doing. I also was able to enjoy my local pool with Elaine and soak in the sun & play my guitar and harmonica.
    I also was able to visit my cousins and aunts to brighten the summer.

    Lesson 2 : Don’t count the days, make the days count.
    Being a lung cancer survivor,
     ( one year plus )  I also decided to volunteer @ Cancer Hope Network as a mentor to people that need help , support and have questions in regards to their illness. Its very rewarding and I thank my mentor, Pat Tawes , RIP. 

    Lesson 3; Do what makes you happy.

    To say I’m grateful is an understatement. For me personally 2020 was a win with my current health. Even having to be treated every three weeks with chemo ( for life ) with scans ever three months, numerous blood test and side effects ,I’ve adapted to my reality. 

    I did have to go through the sadness of losing my aunt to COVID and my cancer mentor, as 2020 was difficult for so many.
    I hope and pray for my FB family and friends that we can be reunited again soon with warm hugs and kisses. ( not virtual ) 

    Lesson 4; Cancer didn’t bring me to my knees , it brought me to my feet. 

    Be kind to one another.
    Be safe, be healthy.
    Enjoy life.

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